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Tips to stimulate the baby’s interest in graffiti! yezimei

Tips to stimulate the baby’s interest in graffiti! [Abstract] children like graffiti, but children’s interest in painting is not innate, so how to cultivate children’s interest in painting? We summed up some of the following tips to help children who are interested in training, so that the baby fell in love with painting. Methods 1 the use of fairy tale language to guide children to improve the level of painting with fairy tale language, is easy to understand and be receptive to children. Once a child in the gourd painting, write too small, want to draw another card, I deliberately "misunderstanding": "my mother was a long gourd gourd baby, you draw a small baby, mother what they look like, quick draw out for everyone to see!" The child a listen, happy, immediately back to the seat, in the small gourd next to draw some other small gourd, painting also ran to me and told me: "you see, gourd mother gave birth to so many babies." Fairy tale comments can also be the child’s every point of discovery, creation and progress to give warm praise, affirmation, enhance their self-confidence. 2 methods of combining manual activities mentioned here include manual Mason, paper industry, playing mud, paper is the child’s nature, art activities and hand painting combined, not simply as the pursuit of painting works, and focus on hands-on fun, natural love for children. The object of perception of children in clay, tear or origami, paste in the activities, help the body performance in the painting on them. For example: in order to let the children understand and perceive the symmetry, we let the children play with paper. Through a series of activities such as folding, printing and dyeing, the children perceive the symmetry, and they do not find any difficulty in drawing symmetry. Another example: use a cotton swab painting "on red" before the first paper, paste the orderly activity. Children through the paste, the flower shape with a sense of painting is also very easy. Methods 3 to enrich the child’s life experience some children love to draw the same image, has not changed for a long time, easy to form a concept or model, it will affect the painting level, for such children, first of all should go to enrich their life experience, which is an important way to help children grow up in the art world the. For example, climbing, swimming, singing and dancing with children…… Even in the life of eating, bathing, brushing, sleeping little drops, can be said to be a rich source of child painting sense, children through personal experience, can describe lively, sincere and full of emotional work, so that the child can be met in the process of painting. Xiaobian summary: children of the world are the color of the paint, the children love to do things, parents with proper guidance can inspire children’s interest in art learning. Under the leadership of the parents, the child will be added to the graffiti between parents and children’s feelings, but also to improve the level of children’s painting.相关的主题文章: