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Marriage-Wedding We’ve all seen the culprits: wedding videos that seem like they were poorly filmed. They are shaky, out of focus, and fail to capture the best moments of the event. Here are some tips on how to make a wedding video where the only things that stand out are the memories. 1. Practice Before you go out and carry your weapon proudly, learn how to use it. Spend an afternoon or three figuring out how to turn your camera on and use the pause, rewind, and record features. Learn how to tighten and widen the focus without shaking the camera. Practice panning and following moving subjects in a smooth, unbroken line. One of the keys to good videography is keeping your hand steady. As long as you point the camera in the right direction, keep it steady, and get the right shots, you’re already most of the way to a great video. Also, before the day of the ceremony, visit the wedding and reception sites and find some good places to stand while videotaping. Make sure to avoid all ice machines, air conditioners, loudspeakers, and other large sources of background noise. Some of the video will be set to music, but the ceremony itself and other speaking moments will need good audio clarity as well as a good visual shot. 2. Stay out of the way There’s nothing worse than having the wedding planner, catering staff, or videographer in every photograph. Even if you are also an invited guest, it is important that your presence, while behind the camera, is innocuous. This will allow the party to proceed organically. That will give you much better shots than those that are carefully contrived. 3. Shoot the right moments You’ll want to videotape the groom and other bridal party members as they await the bride’s arrival in the wedding venue and the bridesmaids and bride as they walk down the aisle. Record the parents giving the bride away, the ceremony itself, and the couple being presented to the audience. If the reception is taking place in another location from the wedding venue, you might want to tape the couple leaving the chapel, especially if they are doing it in a "just married" vehicle. While taping the ceremony, make sure you are in an area where you can get clear shots of the couple’s faces as they say "I do" and still remain out of the way of other guests and background noise. At the reception, make sure to videotape the couple’s first married dance, the father/daughter dance, and the mother/son dance. Record the cutting of the cake, the throwing of the bouquet, and the removal of the garter. Get some footage of the general dancing and merriment, but don’t waste hours of tape on this. You might also want to interview the bridal couple and other prominent guests and ask what the marriage means to them and what their hopes are for the future. When it .es time for toasts and speeches, make sure you are in a place where you can hear the speakers. Get the speaker on video, but focus mainly on the bridal couple as they receive their toasts. Practice, keep it steady, and get the right shots, and you’ll give the wedding couple a gift they will always treasure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: