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Time Travel And Parallel Universe-ca1806

Science The parallel universe theory has always been discussed passionately by both believers and non-believers. There are possibilities of the existence of parallel universes according to Oxford Scientists. Paradoxes are created by undermining the idea of cause of effect through time-travel argue scientists. The only way around these paradoxes is the existence of parallel worlds. Movies such as The One depict parallel universes. In Time Machine by H.G. Wells, he proposes jumping between parallel universes rather than going forward and backward. This phenomenon is depicted in Quantum Leap, a television show. The idea of travelling in time using Quantum physics was depicted in this show. Physicists find this atomic world theory baffling, yet mathematical, successful and possible. Apart from physicists, past life regression therapists too find time travel and parallel universe possible. Hugh Everett, the proponent of the parallel universe theory and many others after him believe that there is a multi-universe system and our universe is a part of it. Each universe is governed by a specific set of rules. Travelling to another dimension is a phenomenon experimented by many including the past life regression therapists. Expert therapists take patients to their previous lives where they find themselves in a set of situations not found here. Universe hops and manipulation of space-time theory may take a very long time but there is definitely a possibility of exploration through scientific methods as well as through past life regression phenomenon. If you have read about quantum immortality and quantum consciousness, you will no doubt find this subject hugely fascinating. Is there a possibility that our consciousness is not just about our brain and physical body but operates on a .pletely different quantum level? Is it a possibility that after we die in this universe, all out dreams and thoughts are transferred to another universe? Though our families and friends would mourn us in this dimension when we die, we will never really be dead as we always exist in another dimension. We will never thus really die for good if there are infinite numbers of universes in existence. Analysing the parallel universe theory , there are a few other aspects that do not add up. For instance, if we die in this dimension of old age in a hospital bed, will be appear in another dimension with the same aged body or do we go right back to being born again? Many people on their death beds just before they pass on are reported to have been conversing with their dead relatives and friends. This could mean a lot of things including the possibility that dying people are going through the experience of transitioning to another alternate universe. If the existence of parallel universe is true, it could also mean that those who die happy this birth could end up in another happy universe as a copy themselves experiencing the same state of happiness. There is no way we can know how we died of old age in our previous births unless our copies dream about it. So, does this essentially mean that whenever we dream of ourselves dying, our copy in another dimension is passing on? If you believe in the fascinating parallel universe theory, there are mind boggling possibilities. There are endless questions that need to be answered before we will actually know. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: