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Tibet autumn mountaineering activities end of the year to receive more than 50 foreign climbers-aspack

Tibet autumn mountaineering activities ended the year received more than 50 foreign climbers – Beijing, China News Agency, Lhasa, October 25 (reporter Chen Taobin) 25 reporters from the Tibet autonomous region mountaineering management center was informed that this year the Tibet autumn mountaineering activities was 25, all over, received from Britain, Russia, Austria, Australia more than and 30 countries and regions of the mountaineering team more than and 50, a total of 696 people, went to Mount Qomolangma, such as oyu mountaineering. According to the Tibet autonomous region in 2015 by the Nepal mountaineering management center, "4? 25" earthquake, located in Tibet province more than 8000 meters above the mountain no summit. After a year of silence, this year Tibet climbing season open again, 696 people during the spring and autumn season two reception, a total of 296 successful ascent, and the number of participants exceeded the 2014 summit reception (658, 234). Tibet is the core area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with an average elevation of 4000 meters, with an altitude of 8000 meters above the peak of 5, an altitude of 7000 meters above the peak of more than 70 seats, an altitude of 6000 meters above the mountain more, with mountaineering conditions richly endowed by nature. The mountain climber with Tibet and Tibet is increasing, the sports sector in recent years has increased the popularity of amateur mountaineering and outdoor sports and the promotion, not only held every year in spring and autumn in 2014 two the general assembly, the general assembly in the fall into the mountain bike Orienteering project, etc.. Held in October this year at the beginning of the fourteenth session of the Tibet general assembly, for the first time moved to another six kilometer mountain Luo Dui peak, and high altitude ski mountaineering activity peaks in the heap lo, this is the first time in Tibet to test the water ski mountaineering project. More outdoor projects are expected to debut in the mountaineering conference. (end)相关的主题文章: