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The birth of Oolong event, you have experienced a few Sohu filed in the life of the mother Oolong thing everyone will experience a few pieces: as a veteran obstetric old driver, October bacteria also encountered many in the delivery process of oolong, a fungus, such as drinking tea we slowly come. Oolong event – melon ripe pedicle don’t fall still remember that I was attending the doctor that year, a pregnant woman had a period of 5 days, and is not to be born. Good is second days, the girl was born on the bed a chubby little guy, and I am glad she’s have to sweat, because not all ripe melon pedicle will not fall so lucky, I have seen a lot of postterm pregnancy and dystocia. What is an overdue pregnancy? Prolonged pregnancy refers to the normal menstrual cycle, pregnancy reached or exceeded 42 weeks ((294 days)). What are the dangers of prolonged pregnancy? 1, easy childbirth, pregnancy fetal treasure to the birth canal ability, in childbirth fetal head drop, causing dystocia. Fetal distress. 3, prone to "post maturity syndrome", overdue babies, mostly leptosome, and seem to have a lot of wrinkles, like a little old man. The baby after the birth date is not how to start? 1, the baby after the birth date has not yet launched, there may be premature birth is not right, and then two days is no problem, the doctor will be further confirmed by ultrasonic examination of the actual number of weeks of pregnancy. But mothers should pay attention to at least 3 days to check a hospital, once found less than 30 times the movement for 12 hours, please go to the hospital immediately. 2, if the doctor found in the production of fetal baby intrauterine distress, maternal placental dysfunction and other abnormal circumstances, it will be immediately induced labor. 3, in the 40~42 weeks of pregnancy, doctors generally choose to give birth to prospective mothers. Oolong incident – the wrong when the leakage of urine when the amniotic fluid broken once, encountered such a thing: we heard the words quickly pushed pregnant mother to the delivery room, but on the road I found that?! This "women" no uterine pain, no red, also a good mental state, so~ I decided to give her check, do not check not know, check jump! What is broken amniotic fluid? Broken amniotic fluid is the rupture of amniotic membrane, amniotic fluid outflow phenomenon. When will a warm feeling with broken amniotic fluid, vagina and a large number of colorless and transparent liquid, and is not subject to control. In the second trimester, what kind of urine leakage? In late pregnancy uterus greatens, compression of the bladder, causing frequent micturition, even when standing, hand weights, will "leak". What is the difference between the broken amniotic fluid and the leakage of urine? 1, smell. Amniotic fluid taste, slightly better; but the smell of urine is thick, slightly sour smell. 2, flow rate. Leakage of urine is intermittent, but is unable to control the broken water like water, even accompanied by abdominal pain pump. 3, test paper. Expectant mother can be affixed to the test paper on the underwear, from the color change to distinguish the vaginal outflow of amniotic fluid or urine. !相关的主题文章: