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These problems arise in the womb will affect the normal pregnancy – Sohu maternal and child uterus, like a fetus living in the house. When the poor state of the uterus, fetal physiological development will naturally be affected. If you want to know whether the state of the uterus will affect pregnancy, it is recommended to take the initiative to consult the hospital gynecologist. If necessary, the state of the uterus, cervix and vagina can be confirmed by ultrasound and internal examination. One problem: uterine fibroids [] symptoms of abnormal uterine bleeding, menstrual blood volume, frequent urination, excessive pressure pain etc.. Traditional surgery, endoscopic surgery, drug therapy. [ultrasonic examination, clinical symptoms observation. The majority of uterine fibroids for benign fibroma, size, hardness, quantity are different. If the fibroids are more than 5 cm, may cause uterine deformation (and the location of the growth of fibroids), usually require surgical removal. In addition, the location of fibroids, uterine health and closely related, and may even affect the probability of conception. Position 1 the uterus is usually located above the uterus (near the upper abdomen), known as the "under the size of the fibroids", most patients do not have symptoms, not easy to find, it will not affect the pregnancy. Position 2 the muscle layer is located in the myometrium, called "muscle"". If the fibroids is small and asymptomatic, mostly do not need surgery, unless it was too much to consider surgery. As to whether there will be obvious symptoms, still depends on the size of the tumor and whether it affects the surrounding tissue, such as oppression of adjacent organs and edema, pain, bleeding, etc., need to be examined by a doctor and confirmed after symptomatic treatment. Position 3 is located in the uterine lining of the uterus, called submucous myoma, most can cause menorrhagia. Depending on the location, the doctor’s treatment is also different. Due to the blood vessels within the uterine fibroids, because the uterus was pregnant when the congestion state and become larger. Therefore, if the fibroids in the uterus at the top, will be compressed fetal development space; if located in the vagina, may be blocking the birth canal while we need to consider the caesarean section; usually face the two fibroids position, doctors recommended surgery. Question two: endometrial polyps [] symptoms of menses excessive, irregular menstrual bleeding (end of menstruation, not even time prolonged, chaos tick is always bleeding, such as menstrual bleeding before and after the situation). [treatment] endometrial curettage, uterine endoscopic surgery. [check] ultrasonic examination, uterine endoscopy, clinical observation. Endometrial polyps, endometrial epithelial cells by the proliferation of endometrial cells and the formation of gland tumors, a soft state, the number of single or more likely. Polyps will not only proliferate, but also may become larger, usually by observing the size and location of polyps, to evaluate and determine the need for treatment. In terms of size, if the width of the polyps up to 1.5cm or more, you need surgery, otherwise it will affect the pregnancy (due to the width of the uterus about 2cm); if relatively small, you can temporarily observe the way to track. As to the location of the growth, it is necessary to take into account whether the polyp will affect the embryo implantation and growth.相关的主题文章: