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These people are bearish prices: Sohu financial risk has close at hand – in the past few months, the house has become the talk of the people in every hour and moment. Restaurant, subway, bus stop…… There is a place where almost everyone is filled with discussions about the house. "I heard that in Shanghai, the Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau again before long queues, is to buy the divorce; you know, a listed company sold two suites, actually Paul shell; a few days ago, Shenzhen 6 square meters of houses, the price of 88 million robbed……" These wonderful stories, without telling the Chinese real estate market madness. Such a crazy scene, do not know to have let you think the stock market last year. When both men and women, old and young chat content the streets and lanes, only one — stock, even crossing the road, can hear people talk about what he bought shares today. But at the end of the stock market crash, staged a thousand shares continuous limit, people believe that many people still fear. Can house as the first choice for the preservation of domestic assets, has never been a downward trend, it will collapse it? Around the purchase prices to make frequent open mode with soaring housing prices in some hi city, since August this year, a nationwide 9 city has promulgated a tightening regulation of the property market, but also part of the city’s efforts to control the series of upgrades. (Sohu tabulation) but the continuous introduction of regulatory policies, does not seem to curb the momentum of rising housing prices. According to the National Bureau of Statistics recently released in August 70 large and medium cities house price data show that prices rose 64 cities, including Hefei, Nanjing and Xiamen lead the second tier cities prices. (Center for Institute chart source:) for the moment this situation, many real estate tycoon said nothing. The day before, Wang Jianlin said in an interview, China the current real estate market bubble is the biggest bubble in history, such as Shanghai city’s housing prices continued to rise, and thousands of small city housing prices are falling, in the face of this problem, I can not think of what way, the government has introduced a variety of measures, including the purchase of credit limit, but the effect is not obvious. China’s property market bubble will break it? Body big brother is very worried! According to CICC statistics, 2-8 months, the country’s 70 major city, 17 city house prices rose more than 10%, between the 15 city house prices rose from 5% to 10%, between the 25 city house prices rose from 0 to 5%, the remaining 13 city house prices fell. Rising prices in the 57 cities, Nanjing, Hefei ranked first in the top two. Among them, the average price of housing in Nanjing rose as high as 43.95%, Hefei is located at second in the 38.25%, while Beijing, Dongguan and Zhuhai from the point of view of the 3 to 5, or more than 20%. For the price control policy ignored this phenomenon, some institutions and economists have expressed concern, and gives some views. Economist Ma Guangyuan said that the house has lost the real living functions, but the transfer of capital game game player, and the living needs to play once at the end of release fell momentum absolutely can not be ignored. If the market"相关的主题文章: