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The world’s first game in the 42 million 650 thousand anchor does not rely on parents nouveau riche gigolos

The world’s first game in the 42 million 650 thousand anchor does not rely on parents "he even a nouveau riche to himself as the protagonist of the game." The game has always been the anchor in the anchor strength go getters, not the face, but there are a few people can have to themselves as the protagonist, and female friends to accompany the game? Foreign popular game anchor PewDiePie to achieve this goal, the evaluation is good as the protagonist in his "PewDiePie:Legend of the Brofist pixel game" has been on the shelves and PewDiePie is one of the few foreign anchor the highest popularity, mainly playing the piece, his fans number 40 million, as early as 2014 had already received $7 million 450 thousand income (about 46 million 250 thousand yuan). PewDiePie PewDiePie is a Swedish guy, parents are business executives, but he insisted on her own way, in a college dropout to start a video to anchor, but the main reason for enjoyment, "I upload video is very boring, so I want to have some fun, I also review the game is purely for fun that is not to increase their sales." The money he bought for his equipment was still on his own. In 2010 began recording some of their playing video, are blurred when the anchor net red concept, PewDiePie insisted every day to update their own one to two video, all play their own scissors. PewDiePie started with horror games, his scream is one of his fans know little adorable. He is also a turning point in the history of the anchor because of the 2013 horror game escape, the number of fans increased to 12 million. As the game host, PewDiePie is the conscience of anchor, never advertising spots, often on the game to ridicule Tucao, but the game makers have to embrace, after all, from the red net may be more useful than advertising tucao. PewDiePie Europe and the United States is not the game’s most important game anchor game strength, of course, there are PewDiePie, they pay more attention to the fun of the anchor. In the PewDiePie video, full of all kinds of funny scripts, from letters to all effects. You know, although the video may be just ten minutes, it will take more than a day or more to actually play. In his best horror games, he constantly Tucao ridicule, funny, weird set from the gameplay of the game details to the BUG of the game, and also pay attention to some adorable emerge in an endless stream, interact with the fans, every time the end of the video will give fans a punch brothers (Brofist), so to him the protagonist of the game is called "PewDiePie:Legend of the Brofist", is also full of fans economy. When he was driving a car, PewDiePie said, "they can’t ride a bike.相关的主题文章: