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The woman was in a bad mood to go out to see a three storey building on fire reshacker

The woman is not in a good mood to go out for a walk to see a three storey building with fire – Beijing, Zhejiang online news November 11th (evening news reporter Shao Qiaohong) Ninghai fifty year old leaves have been really not a depressed life, people do not want to the three storey building was burned down. Even more outrageous is that the house was burned because he did not offend people, but the other side is not in a good mood! Recently, the Ninghai County Procuratorate on suspicion of arson on the old man’s house to set fire to the House approved the arrest of chen. The three storey granite burst inexplicably caught fire burned old leaves have a real landing in Ninghai City, the first floor is used to store room, shop, two floor are rooms, most of the rooms are rented to individuals, a part of their own lives, another part of the store employees to live. The afternoon of August 29th, Yemou from his room on the third floor to floor, suddenly heard a tenant lying in the window and shouted, "boss, upstairs on fire." Old leaves surprised, ran to the outside, and found that the east side of the stairs windows really fire and smoke came out, and the fire is very large, he immediately dialed 119, and asked the staff to take the fire extinguisher to fire. Run upstairs, the old leaves found on the two floor to the more than and 18 floor of the aisle was a piece of spring up. Before long, the fire on the third floor, the fire is quite large. In the end, all the fire extinguishers are used up, or can not put out the fire. Afraid of the old leaves fire wounding, quickly called the staff to withdraw to the first floor, watching his house was engulfed in flames. Wait for the fire brigade arrived, put out the fire, the old leaves home on the eastern side of the stairs have all burst granite, all wires, cable, surveillance cameras, water pipes, meters have been burned. The house is about a shelf. The only thing that is lucky, fortunately, was the day, did not cause casualties. Set fire to the house only because of a bad mood of old leaf house is relatively large, there are three stairs, one is in the middle of each layer, one is in the house on the west side, one on the east side, and on the east side of the stairs Simmons piled up, therefore, the stairs generally do not leave, nor what people will be in the past. After the fire occurred, the old leaves Silai want to just think impassability: usually for gas and gas, and there is no contradiction between what tenants, is also polite, how will the fire It is without rhyme or reason.." The old leaves back before the fire, when he down the stairs and saw the strange woman, a more than and 40 year old "fire suspicious appearance and movements, this is pretty close to put this woman." By the public security department investigation, the fire is indeed the more than and 40 year old woman put. Then the woman, also is the suspect Chen was arrested, and truthfully confessed the crime. It turned out that Chen, more than and 40 years old, Shanghai household registration, and her husband married about 20 years ago, followed by Ninghai. However, over the past 20 years, Chen has been feeling very uncomfortable, and her husband often quarrel with neighbors also get along, not a friend, I feel sorry for everyone. On August 29th, and because of some trivial quarrel, Chen brothers and sisters, from.相关的主题文章: