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The werewolf is how to make? Sohu – written in the movie "wolf entertainment network" love the whole line before mentioned werewolf movie babies should not unfamiliar, have been werewolves in many films. Now, Xiao Bian take you to grab a grilled a few of the classic film werewolf! Inside the Western Fantasy Film "Harry Potter" the werewolf Lu Ping, his true identity is a beast of the Caribbean, turned into a wolf and lose consciousness, and bloodthirsty werewolf, for students and parents have the potential danger, so he resigned in light exposed identity. In fact, the world is a werewolf in the magic of a highly discriminatory race, the law forbids them to go to school, no one is willing to hire them, the werewolf was so tragic. Werewolves are also an important part of the western film Twilight. The Jacob is because met Edward’s vampire family which awakened the werewolf gene ancestors left, can be transformed into a werewolf. Was handsome to have wood, ah, look at my gorgeous transformation but after the metamorphosis of the werewolf is quite scary! Of course, happy feeling, look at the body there is a significant change, become a hairy werewolf, horror film can shoot so funny, really is not easy ah! "American Werewolf description two American youth travel David and Jack to London in London," this movie, sleeping in the wilderness are attacked. David was seriously injured in the hospital, a full moon night, to kill david. These small steak are foreign werewolf, Xiao Bian now secretly told my movie and a fancier, our domestic to werewolf theme, produced by Fujian Xiamen storm Technology Co., Anhui hifei Yang Jiangsu film and television media, television media camera system combined with line network as the conscience of the wolf "love" in September 7th in Iqiyi, Tencent, as the major video sites around the Internet line Oh, now Xiaobian to Fu (JU) and (TOU). "Wolf" love this film tells the story of the heroine Dong Xue returning from abroad, ushered in the flowers and not hug, but her fiance broke up the letters, but Dong Xue always believe that they love, think there must be something…. then the story unfolds, layers of peeling, a life and death, love and hate and the truth finally surfaced…… Pro, is a bit like the chicken this ferocious Werewolf in the werewolf is not miraculous Zeng werewolf, but because of being malicious poison, implanted gene and often become a wolf attack, a wolf like bloodthirsty beast, do not attack, but he is handsome and mature MAN! In the film the werewolf although not small meat, but the righteous, despite the bloodthirsty, but to his wife to take care, don’t let her get hurt, silently left alone to bear the pain of love, this is a man. When I heard his wife injured in a car accident, could not help but in the middle of the night went to the hospital to visit, after seeing the bed of the wife can’t help sad tears, visible on the surface looks vicious werewolves, but also have their own sad and helpless! See!相关的主题文章: