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The war3 juggernaut and storm will soon join the Heroes melee storm — people.com.cn game 3u8813

The War3 juggernaut and storm will soon join the "Heroes" melee storm — people.com.cn game original title: War3 juggernaut and storm will soon join the "storm melee hero" as only a MOBA game Blizzard’s storm heroes "," recent new significantly speed. The new version of "mechanical hegemony" is still in full swing, blizzard in the National Day holiday period our breath announced two new blockbuster content: "storm, scuffle and new heroes, most from the" Warcraft 3 "popular role –" juggernaut "Samuluo. The storm scuffle — Punisher arena [storm] to break the traditional rules for all models have been in a variety of popular all Blizzard game is popular, 5 am Beijing time Blizzard announced the "scuffle mode -" storm storm hero "scuffle". As the "hearthstone" watch "and" pioneer in melee, "storm hero" melee rules every week will be changed, the gameplay is also very rich, before BlizzCon announced the arena mode on the basis of upgrading three types of gameplay: Arena maps, map, individual line map mutation rules. Blizzard announced the first three new arena, they simplify the original rules of the battlefield, so that the battle is more direct: – the penalty arena: kill enemy heroes and penalties to get points. The first team to win 100 points to win! Sky hall arena: capture the temple and use the beam of energy to destroy the enemy’s core! Fear of the devil: the destruction of the garden of the devil and the staggered and collect seeds. The first team to get 100 seeds to win! The storm — the sky palace arena scuffle scuffle storm — fear of Magic Garden Arena, in addition, there will be a number of different mutation rules, these mutant rules will bring a new experience, a completely different game now, Blizzard will first secrecy, has not yet announced the mutation map rules. In the scuffle in the storm, even the hero selection will be affected! In different scuffle, you may only select the predefined hero, or in setting a good list of heroes in selection, or let the system completely randomly selected for you. The new hero selection mode will soon meet with you. The storm scuffle is also very generous reward, a week to participate in the 3 melee can obtain unique rewards and 1000 gold coins. I believe we have the same small and looking forward to the new state on-line as soon as possible, the latest news is that October 10th will be on the line PTR, and the week of October 17th will be officially launched, the specific date will vary according to different servers. ["Warcraft 3" in the classic hero — Kensai upcoming last Kensai] Samuro, bear burning blade clan flags, to his fallen tribe on revenge and redemption. It was a long road, but he vowed to restore the glory of the tribe. Samuro will be after check, Aolier Leah, another new blue without a hero. His best known skills — mirroring and stealth, will also be reflected in the space in the hub. Now you can learn the skills are as follows: special "pursuit", will be released to the enemy hero general attack will increase the movement speed by 25%相关的主题文章: