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The United States government is pointing to the total amount of gold shipped to Iran, or $33 billion verbal jint

The U.S. government is pointing to the Iran secret transport gold or the total $33 billion 600 million U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant photograph: according to Fawkes news network reported that local time 9, an expert in the U.S. Congress to accept the question revealed that the U.S. government may 2016 in 2014 provides up to $33 billion 600 million in cash and gold from Iran. Study on the mechanism of "executive director of the foundation for the defense of democracy" Ci Du Bouvy (Mark Dubowitz) 8 in testimony to the House Financial Services Committee pointed out that in January 2014 to July 2015, is the United States government in the formulation of the Iran nuclear issue a final agreement when Iran got $700 million from the previous month can the United States is frozen funds. Dube Fitch said the final Iran to get $11 billion 900 million from these funds. In addition, Dube Fitch pointed out that in July this year, a The Associated Press report quoted U.S. officials estimate that Iran received $20 billion from the United states. Dube Fitch questioned the manner in which the $20 billion payment, and asked the U.S. government to clarify whether this is included in the fund in the payment of 11 billion 900 million or an additional separate payment of the 20 billion. In addition to the beginning of this year as the release of the United States to Iran’s bargaining chip, the United States paid $1 billion 700 million to Iran. Dube Fitch estimates that in the worst case, Iran could get $33 billion 600 million in cash, gold or other precious metals from the United states. US Treasury official Ahearn (Paul Ahern) told the committee, "Iran can only receive cash, had been due to international sanctions, cash is the most reliable and fast to get the money", which is related to the "foreign bank" preferred way. Dube Fitch believes that due to sanctions against Iran, after the United States to pay the money to Iran is likely to be paid in cash. He also questioned whether the government through official formal financial channels to provide the money, and called on the government to explain the use of the money. In August, the State Department admitted that $400 million in cash was used as a bargaining chip to ensure the release of prisoners in Iran at the beginning of the year. Authorities say the cash is not a ransom, but the original deposit should be returned to Iran, but the money is indeed released after the release of prisoners in the United States to Iran. This $400 million is the last king of Iran Pahlavi in 1979 to the The Pentagon trust funds in exchange for U.S. military equipment. But because of the outbreak of the revolution in Iran, the Pahlavi Dynasty was overthrown, the U.S. Embassy occupied and broke the Iran hostage incident, the issue of military equipment is also on the shelf. In January this year, the White House announced that the $400 million plus $1 billion 300 million interest returned to Iran. Republicans have accused the U.S. government of money in exchange for Iran agreed to an agreement on the nuclear issue, the State Council in August after the statement, the Congress on the issue of 1相关的主题文章: