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The two girl guy was pulled into the small room lying in bed after the opening jump – Sohu news-tda7294

The two girl guy was pulled into the small room lying in bed after the opening jump – Sohu News – Chinese blue blue network news client news October 28th 20 year old Xiao cao. 25, to Hangzhou, Gongshu District Fu Fu Street, the new village to find friends to play. On the way by the strange man a little card into the beauty salon, from the room out, he said he was sorry. Cao Cao: "two women, they were very embarrassed to say that, you know, they say how the young man how to shake my heart." Xiao Cao said at the time that was brought to the center of the skin graft Curtis called the French beauty salon, a door to two woman, a warm greeting, then put him into a small room. Cao: "let me lie over there, she said free, I’ll lie down, if not free, I certainly do not lie, and then use the machine in the lane." Xiao Cao said he was lying in bed after each other, let his eyes closed, do not know what to do to do to machine in his left face, during the wipe a lot, about half an hour later, he opened his eyes and looked at herself in the mirror, frightened. Xiao Cao: "get out of the face is very dark, she said all of this is to remove the stains, the clearance to collect the money, I said that I do not do, you give me the water wash, she said this wash off." Xiao Cao said at each other with their own free, he agreed to do the side face to try, anyway, not money, can not think of each other now to collect the money, do not give money under the black stains do not give clear, helpless, Xiao Cao gave them one hundred dollars for the clearance of the half face black. Xiao Cao: "I take a mirror to do the contrast, while white side is very yellow, feel very ugly, I say this out one ugly dead, then there is no way to do." So the little Cao paying 400 bucks to do the other half of the face, also bought a pay package, and a total payment to the French plant skin care center Kou 1750 dollars, all finished, Xiao Cao Youzhao in the mirror, this time, more can not accept. Xiao Cao: "behind this black, and here it’s eyes, they are confused, that is the fat granule, pick out the things become black." Cao said he had a good skin before, no acne on his face. He thought he was the French and Kou care center to cheat, to the new road on the French and Curtis care center. A door and found that there are several men do skin care. Hangzhou and France Kou care center in charge of the king: "not satisfied, you can come to our staff, you can press why, what to say." Cao: "now you withdraw my money, and my face is now how to do, before my face is not the case, are now acne." Hangzhou and France Kou care center Wang Xiao Cao said, paid 1750 dollars, took a part of the product, as long as it is now is not opened, the money can be returned. As for the emergence of acne on the face of the situation, if Xiao Cao agreed, they can give him repair. What is our product, is the French and Curtis, our products are regular, you have no business license, this is not.相关的主题文章: