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The train station has a return peak in the autumn rain — the Beijing channel — people’s network-mmc.exe

In the autumn rain, the railway station ushered in the return peak. The Beijing channel, the original title of the people’s website: the autumn train station ushered in the return peak. (reporter Sun Wenwen) "when you go, it’s still twenty degrees, and it’s back to more than 10 degrees!" From yesterday, the Beijing Railway Bureau to usher in the return peak passenger flow, the pitter patter of the rain added a few silk chill for Beijing. Around 6:30 yesterday afternoon, the G132 train from Shanghai began to slow down and was ready to enter the station. Due to the later arrival of the train, the passengers in the car had already got the luggage row in the aisle earlier. Thousands of passengers get out of the train and get off after they get off. Some go to the taxi area, and a large number of passengers choose to take the subway home. Reporters saw that part of the equipment failure of the metro card brake was only in four or five working conditions. Due to the large number of passengers arriving, the crowd crowded at the entrance and queued for six or seven minutes before entering the station. The reporter learned from Beijing South Railway Station that in October 6th, there were as many as 178 thousand passengers from Beijing South Railway Station. In order to ensure the rapid and orderly return of passengers out of the station, the train station on the platform ends are to strengthen the personnel counseling, to guide the visitors to choose the nearest exit of the station. At the same time, the escalator, the key parts such as the station staff increased stare control efforts to answer the inquiry, so that visitors can bus, subway, taxi and other traffic fast through the leaves. The station’s official micro-blog, broadcasting station and other equipment will be timely notice of station information, convenient personnel pick friends. The railway department official told reporters, just tomorrow is Saturday, October 7th ticket nervous, some passengers will choose 8 days in Beijing, so the return peak passenger flow will continue until tomorrow. Considering the influence of cloudy and rainy weather, Beijing’s major railway stations have already laid out equipment and facilities to prevent slippery blankets, and also remind passengers to arrange their travel according to the weather conditions. J192 (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing)

秋雨中火车站迎来返程高峰–北京频道–人民网 原标题:秋雨中火车站迎来返程高峰   本报讯(记者孙文文)“走的时候还二十几度,回来就十多度了!”从昨天开始,北京铁路局迎来返程客流高峰,淅淅沥沥的秋雨为北京增添了几丝寒意。   昨天下午6点半左右,从上海开过来的G132次列车开始减速准备进站,由于比预计到站时间稍晚了一些,车里的乘客已经早早拿好了行李排在过道里。列车上满载的上千名旅客下车之后四散开去,一部分去往出租车区域,还有一大部分乘客选择乘坐地铁回家。记者看到,地铁刷卡闸机处部分设备故障,只有四五个处于工作状态,由于旅客集中到达人数较多,大家拥挤在入口处,排队六七分钟才能刷卡进站。   记者从北京南站了解到,10月6日,北京南站下车旅客多达17.8万人。为确保返程旅客快速有序出站,车站在站台列车头尾两端都加强了人员疏导,引导旅客选择就近出站口出站。同时,电扶梯、出站口等关键部位增加人员盯控力度,及时解答旅客问询,让旅客能够通过公交、地铁、出租车等多种交通方式快速离站。车站的官方微博、站内广播等设备也会及时预告接站信息,方便接站人员接送亲友。   铁路部门相关负责人告诉记者,明天恰好是周六,而10月7日的车票又紧张,部分旅客会选择8日返京,因此返程客流高峰会一直持续到明天。考虑到阴雨天气影响,北京各大火车站已经铺设防滑毯等设备设施,也提醒旅客根据天气情况安排行程。J192 (责编:陈一诺、高星)相关的主题文章: