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The sword of the boss money willfulness you up a level I send one yuan-kaya scodelario

The sword of the boss money willfulness you up a level I send one yuan and are not many sister Xiao Nai seckill? Ten li dowry two Acacia, attached to the virtual scenery unforgettable, Xiaobian licking screen to see several times, to the God of the small eyes lost. Ah Britain, blood does not come up empty slots. You also want a pink bubble chaos take a happy marriage? September 9th opened on file 9377 "Test Oracle sword" boss rich and capricious, open test more than one hundred million awards, enter the game level to send one yuan, not five or three years, entered the game with money to upgrade Meimei, completely is not a dream! Pre created today to open the first, hurry to participate in it! "The sword" website: Open Service Carnival: send 100 million liter level to send one yuan BOSS off what is drama sweet baby, do not want but not Liao Han? Can’t find a ticket? Can not find a female ticket? No hurry, dear you can upgrade to play BOSS ah! It is reported that in the 9377 "Oracle sword" in each level to send a piece of money, and beat the high order BOSS will have the opportunity to get a big sound version doll, and also dressing and undressing than you say? And there is a happy marriage system in the game waiting for you, but also need to worry about single lonely lonely cold? Love life together in the third generation of online games 9377 "Oracle sword", in addition to blood boiling PVP gameplay, interactive gameplay also to life, today we will talk about a happy marriage system in the game. Game player in the game level after reaching 40 by Wangcheng NPC– matchmaker and their roles of the opposite sex and same-sex marriage, game player can be operated through the use of modified props oh. 9377 "Oracle sword" marriage process is very formal, steps are also very rich and even cumbersome, this is also set up in more romantic memories for the game player at the same time, also let the game player to experience marriage more treasure each other not easily won. In the 9377 "Oracle sword" Wangcheng, game player can be engaged by teaming up with matchmaker dialogue, of course it is necessary to point the engagement ring of sincerity, what is not the province! In addition to traditional worship ceremony to restore the engagement process in 9377, "Oracle sword" in the game player must also complete "Sunday worship worship three couples" worship of traditional worship ceremony, then combining drink wedlock announced married, the wedding is solemn and sacred. In addition, you can also invite soon game player in the game all friends came to the wedding scene, witnessed the exciting moment. The parade will start again and again blessing after the bride wedding celebration, parade, luxury fleet will carry a newlywed person parade 9377 "sword" Oracle of Wangcheng a week, declaring happiness and sweetness soon, and for the other game player to bring luck and blessings. Eat melon people in the crowd to appreciate the beauty of fireworks at the same time, also picked up the spilled red candy can see the bride a variety of gifts oh. A loving marriage skills paste face in the 9377 "Oracle sword", after the team to complete the daily tasks can be accumulated when intimacy, intimacy reaches a certain amount, will open a couple of skills. Husband and wife skills can be improved by increasing the degree of intimacy between the two sides:相关的主题文章: