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The son of Song Dandan is a tall boy! Live game or dota2 champion-running man20130526

The son of Song Dandan is a tall boy! Live games or DOTA2 champion talking about the star playing the game, and even open a live, it is nothing new. One is LOL, we can think of Jay Chou, Angelbaby, Chen He, Lin Update Star; and when it comes to DOTA2, JJ Lin and Jeremy Lin have also written a. But in fact, there is such a star, playing the game played a league title, it is beyond our imagination! Yes, he is Song Dandan’s son…… The son of Song Dandan (pseudo) well, not the son, is Song Dandan’s son — Bartle. Bartle: Yes, Song Dandan’s son Bartle is the star of "Mi month biography" Qin Wu Wang win swing actor. In addition to an actor, he was still a high game play, the game host, and the famous game "magic" of the Chinese District Community ambassador! Open the micro-blog Bartle, it is not difficult to find that this man will not only send some entertainment stars and daily life, also many game related posts, and these posts about the game apparently more frequency! Bartle micro-blog open micro-blog page, hearthstone legend and magic is the most frequent. Even recently abroad as the magic China District Community ambassador, visit the PAX Exhibition (comics and card games show, "" hearthstone legend had on PAX first exposure). Bartle micro-blog and Bartle in addition to playing the game, but also opened a live broadcast of a game anchor Bartle. But in the game, you may think he is the most "hearthstone" in flush the legend, or the sun about "magic" of the new card package. However, I did not expect is that Bartle is still a bit DOTA2 players, and also play very slip (it is said that the strength of 5000 points straight)! Not long ago also led the team to win the DOTA2 client in the autumn of 2016 the warriors seventh league level champion, as their anchor road painted a thick and heavy in colours. Bartle won the Champions League with Bartle as an actor, "" Mi months pass in acting to win a lot of the audience, but also to get rid of the own star two generation image; and as a game player, Bartle in the live broadcast at the same time, also proved the strength of their game technology. Magic, hearthstone legend, DOTA2, is Bartle’s masterpiece, he did a power game anchor need to do everything, unlike ordinary star games as a propaganda and general wanpiao. In the live game, learn skills of shooting fun, online activities, and master blows in games, life really envy and admire so many game player. Bartle (Editor: D source: 17173) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: