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The Sino Vietnamese border Guangxi Dongxing two cigarette smuggling barge dens were destroyed in the-wh60a

The Sino Vietnamese border Guangxi Dongxing two cigarette smuggling barge dens were destroyed – Beijing Beijing in August 26 Dongxing Xinhua (Li Minjun Wang Shuyan) 26, Guangxi, Dongxing, Fangcheng customs departments jointly Guangxi tobacco smuggling Corps destroyed 2 suspected of smuggling of imported cigarettes barge dens, seized the scene, DHS and other 7500 brands worth about 1 million 500 thousand yuan. According to reports, the Dongxing Customs Department recently received a report from the masses, said that people in Fangcheng District Jiangshan transportation and storage of smuggled cigarettes. Cable wiring, Dongxing customs anti smuggling department in conjunction with the Department of Fangcheng customs and autonomous region tobacco smuggling corps to verify the investigation. After several days of mocha, determine the smuggled cigarettes transportation routes and temporary locations in the crime law analysis of smugglers, with assistance from the customs duty of the armed police force, in the early morning of 26 elite police dispatched more than 50 centralized campaigns, successfully destroyed dens hiding smuggled cigarettes a larger number of 2, and some the scattered storage of smuggled cigarettes. Since the General Administration of Customs to carry out the deployment of "country sword 2016" joint special action, Dongxing customs frozen goods and other key commodities a strong blow to the tobacco, in a prominent, more closely with the relevant law enforcement departments closely, promote the "synergy" landing formation mechanism of border hit private chains. According to statistics, from January to July this year, Dongxing customs department seized frozen suspected of smuggling 1570.5 tons, 341.73 tons of grain, 533.8 tons of sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, 2003 pieces of 2195 pieces of high-grade 4 cars and a large number of other smuggled goods, worth more than 60 million yuan, and always maintain a high pressure situation.相关的主题文章: