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The sacrifice of female pilots Yu Xu has been officially announced for the martyrs file-liuxiaobo

The sacrifice of female pilots Yu Xu has been officially announced for the martyrs file original title: Yu Xu was named the martyrs remains will be cremated in Tianjin recently in Wuqing · garrison cover news reporter Diao Mingkang Tianjin reported the afternoon of November 14th, informed the relevant staff of Chongzhou city covers news reporters from family visits to the army accompanied by more than Asahi, to sacrifice the 12 August the first female pilot aircraft Comrade Yu Xu was officially identified as martyrs, at present, the file is to be announced. At the same time, the body will be cremated and returned to the homeland in the near future. Has been named for the martyrs, file officially announced in November 14th 4 in the afternoon, from the scene of the crash Yu Xu back to her parents and relatives, Yu Xu’s troops are stationed in the unit leadership and the Chongzhou municipal government, municipal department, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau comrades together in the aftermath of Yu Xu garrison is discussed. "Army leaders are very concerned about the matter, said to the family at the scene, will cooperate with the family, make the greatest efforts to run the Yu Xu funeral, let her safely away." Chongzhou City Department of the relevant person in charge, to cover news reporters at present, Yu Xu was named the martyrs issue has been officially confirmed, but officially announced. In addition, in accordance with the relevant national policies, Yu Xu’s parents will receive the corresponding pension. In the future, in accordance with the policy, Yu Xu parents can receive a monthly subsidy. "Yu Xu is a dutiful daughter, regardless of is the army and the local government will deal with her funeral, never let her parents for." The responsible person said. In the near future will be cremated, troops will farewell ceremony for the Chongzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official told reporters, revolutionary martyr Comrade Yu Xu’s ashes will be buried in the cemetery of martyrs. "Yu Xu’s parents are also very supportive, because their daughter is the country’s first female fighter pilots the J-10, is a strong influence in the country within the scope of the heroine, buried in the martyrs cemetery, one is for her to pay for sure to protect our homes and defend our country, to the whole society to carry forward the hard work, not afraid of sacrifice and the spirit of the people’s air force Chongzhou heroes spirit." However, the responsible person told the reporter, at present, the concrete which was buried in the martyrs cemetery, the family is considering. In addition, November 14th is the third day after the sacrifice of Yu Xu, the reporter learned that, after the consent of their families, Yu Xu’s body has been determined to be cremated recently. Yu Xu’s troops will hold a farewell ceremony. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: