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The risk appetite shock pressure refers to trading below the 97-segotep

The risk appetite shock pressure refers to trading below the 97 hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client Huitong network February 19th News – Thursday (February 18th) the United States that volatility trading below the mark in 97, with oil prices and stocks again fell, risk appetite again cooling pressure index. During the afternoon trading period, oil prices and the stock market fell, and the dollar fell against the euro, the Swiss franc and the pound. Weak oil prices and financial market turmoil means that the Fed may raise interest rates in 2016 to suspend, and in the December message very different. Daniel Katzive, a North American foreign exchange analyst at the Bank of Paris in France, believes that the rebound in the dollar’s risk appetite will probably not last long. He said, "this week saw the risk sentiment most can be attributed to the market expectations the fed further rising interest rates fell sharply, but also a weakening of the RMB devaluation expectations psychology, while the dollar has dropped. For this reason, we do not believe that the market will re-establish expectations of the Fed’s interest rate hike, while short-term interest rates may remain low." At the end of the day, the dollar fell 0.8% to 113.18 yen. Analysts said the central bank policy also affected the trend of the exchange rate. Toronto Scotiabank currency strategist Eric Theoret said, taking into account the development of the global economy instability, the Fed’s dovish released Wednesday meeting, suggesting Shengxi pace will slow. This should be bad for the dollar. Eric Theoret also pointed out that "local media comments emphasized the March 15th meeting of the Bank of Japan under moderate pressure government requires further stimulus measures. That means the yen is likely to find its bottom against the dollar." Although the dollar index rose from 0.1% to 96.908, it rose much earlier. The euro fell 0.3% against the dollar, to 1.1096. Beijing time 6:47, dollar index reported 96.8183. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

受风险偏好降温施压 美指震荡交投于97下方 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   汇通网2月19日讯――周四(2月18日)美指震荡交投于97关口下方,随着油价和美股再次回落,风险偏好再度降温打压美指。午后交易时段油价和股市转跌,美元兑欧元、瑞郎和英镑削减涨幅。   油价疲软以及金融市场动荡意味着美联储可能在2016年暂停升息,而这与其在12月时所传达的讯息大相迳庭。   法国巴黎银行北美外汇分析师Daniel Katzive认为,美元因风险偏好改善而出现的反弹都可能将无法持续太久。   他指出,“本周见到的风险情绪好转大多数可归因于市场预期美联储进一步升息的可能性大幅下滑,而且对人民币贬值的预期心理也减弱,而美元已经回落。基于这个理由,我们不认为市场将重新建立对美联储升息的预期,而短期利率可能保持在低位。”   尾盘时,美元兑日元跌0.8%至113.18。分析师们表示,央行政策亦影响该汇价走势。   多伦多Scotiabank汇率策略师Eric Theoret指出,考虑到全球经济发展不稳,美联储周三发布偏温和的会议纪录,暗示升息步伐将缓慢得多。这应该会利空美元。   Eric Theoret同时指出,“当地媒体评论强调日本央行3月15日会议面临政府要求进一步推出刺激举措的温和压力。这意味着日元兑美元可能已寻获底部。”   尽管美元指数升0.1%至96.908,但稍早涨幅大得多。欧元兑美元跌0.3%,至1.1096。   北京时间6:47 美元指数报96.81 83。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: