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The return peak will continue until 8 am Suzhou high-speed road to amble haole010.com

The return peak will continue until 8 am Suzhou high-speed road takes amble reporter from the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that 14 o’clock yesterday, the main highway within the province to usher in the return peak, some sections of vehicles amble. Yesterday, the high-speed 39 car amble point. As of October 6th 17, the reasons for the return of large flow and minor accidents, 39 point slowly, mainly distributed in three cities across the river channel, namely the Sutong Bridge, Jiangyin bridge and Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge from the north to South direction. The details are as follows: the Beijing Shanghai – Yangzhou Baoying, Jiangdu surrounding high-speed section of the north south direction, Qiyang high-speed section of Hanjiang east to west direction; north south direction Nanjing four Beltway around the connection bridge north to south, bridge -; – around Changzhou often high-speed Wujin section, Wujin section of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway West – east direction around Wuxi; the Xi Cheng Guang Jing North to south, Xishan section of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway West – east direction; the periphery of Suzhou Sujiahang – Nantong high-speed bidirectional; nearby Shenhai high-speed Haian, Tongzhou section of the north south direction; the South and North Yellow Pond hub around Huaian – long deep high speed Lianshui section of north south direction, Xinyang Expressway in Xuyi the direction to Nanjing; – around Xuzhou Huai Xu high-speed Suining section in west east direction. Today you try to avoid the three bridge across the river today is the last day of the National Day holiday, the traffic control department, 10 in the morning, the territory of the province’s key highway will usher in a new wave of this wave is expected to peak return, return peak will continue until October 8th at 3 a.m.. The main direction of traffic flow from west to East, from north to South direction. Today is expected to: G2 – Yangzhou section of Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Jing Guang Cheng, tin G15W Suzhou high-speed section, Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge, Nanjing bridge from north to south, G40 Shanghai and Shaanxi Expressway Yangzhou section and Taizhou section, G15 Shen Expressway Suzhou section of Shanghai Chengdu high-speed, G42 Wuxi and Suzhou section from West to the East will appear big return flow, local sections will be saturated, suggestions from north to south across the river vehicle as far as possible to avoid the Nanjing bridge, Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge, from Nanjing four bridge, Runyang Bridge, Chongqi bridge across the river; – G42 Shanghai Chengdu high-speed Wuxi section of Suzhou and try to avoid, you can choose to enter S38 from the hub Henglin often combined high-speed bypass or 312 National Highway; – G2 Jinghu high speed as far as possible to avoid the Yangzhou section, select the S237 highway traffic. Remind the minor accidents there are 3 main reasons according to the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police statistics, the National Day holiday this year, the province’s highway daily minor traffic accident and the accident occurred more than 1200, mainly concentrated in the 9 to 14 day. Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps relevant responsible person said that the high flow period, some sections of the car amble, even traffic congestion, but because the traffic tide phenomenon prominent, one-way traffic large, largely with the minor traffic accidents related to. The main reason for the slight accident is the following three points: (1) the proportion of the high speed of the novice is increased; the fatigue driving is easy to cause the accident in the 2; the distance between the front and the rear of the vehicle is nearly 3. Weapon 4 strokes away from the traffic accident reporter learned that, in order to maximize the reduction of traffic accidents on the adverse effects of road traffic during the national day, the traffic control department in the province set up 97 key sections of highway.相关的主题文章: