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The Prime Minister of New Zealand at 200 thousand national lazy and do not work long.-ca1810

At the 200 thousand National New Zealand Prime Minister does not work: lazy and long-term drug U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of reference news network September 7th Taiwan media reported that the received radio interview with New Zealand Prime Minister John Ki pointed out that the day before, New Zealand each year because 200 thousand people unemployed, forced outward to recruit foreign industrial and agricultural workers to fill the gap of human, he believes, because there are a lot of people are lazy and long-term drug use, caused the country now faces the dilemma. According to the Guardian newspaper reported in Taiwan in September 6th, New Zealand Prime Minister John points out that the current immigration policy has great problems, and they are forced to recruit workers from the island neighbors of the South Pacific to fill the shortage of labor and agriculture. This year, there are 200 thousand unemployed or unemployed people, but issued 69 thousand foreign workers visa, so that he can not understand and agree. Prime Minister John Ki said in an interview, "every time ask, they will always tell you that some employees are not through drugs, some think health problems, others do not want to work, it is the lack of willingness to work and performance." New Zealand’s horticulture and wine industry have to recruit 9000 short-term contract workers from the South Pacific Islands every year, and many voluntary young holiday Backpackers, who do not think it’s normal. Reported that the face of the prime minister’s opinion, employers and employees to form different views. Many employers believe that they agree with John Ki’s argument, for now the New Zealand domestic labor frustrated, but those overseas short-term workers more and more willing to work hard; but the former Green Party members Berif to "shame" to describe John based speech, she thought the prime minister was simply a laissez faire attitude is contradictory to provoke labour between the leading opposition, the opposition Labour Party leader Littell criticized the John base, should take the initiative to help the youth employment and training of personnel, and not biased that new Zealanders are lazy or unwilling to work. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

新西兰总理怒斥20万国民不工作:懒惰且长期嗑药 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   参考消息网9月7日报道 台媒称,新西兰总理约翰・基日前接受电台专访时指出,新西兰每年因为20万人无工作,被迫向外招募外籍劳工来填补工业和农业的人力缺口,他认为,因有不少国民是懒惰且长期嗑药的状态,才造成现在国家面临的困境。   据台湾中时电子报9月6日援引英国《卫报》报道,新西兰总理约翰・基点出目前的移民政策有极大的问题,他们被迫从南太平洋的岛屿邻居中招募工人来填补劳力缺乏的工、农业。今年国内有20万名失业或无业人口,但却发出6.9万张外籍工人签证,让他非常不能理解与认同。   约翰・基总理在专访中表示,“每回询问雇主,他们总会告诉你,有些员工无法通过药检、有些觉得健康有问题、有些则是不想工作,这根本是缺乏工作意愿和嗑药的表现。”新西兰的园艺业和酿酒业每年都必须从南太平洋群岛招募9000名短期契约工,已经有众多自愿来纽的年轻打工度假背包客,他认为此现象并不正常。   报道称,面对总理的意见,资方与劳方形成截然不同的看法。许多资方认为,他们非常认同约翰・基的论点,对现在新西兰国内的劳工感到灰心,反倒是那些海外的短期工更有工作意愿、也更加努力;但前绿党议员贝瑞佛则以“羞耻”形容约翰・基的发言,她认为总理根本用放任态度是挑拨劳工之间的矛盾导致对立,在野的工党党魁利特尔更批评约翰・基,应该主动协助青年就业和培养人才,而不是偏颇地认为新西兰人都是懒惰嗑药不愿工作的。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章: