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The pay is too low for social security Uber London take off or strike on Friday rosstallanma

The salary is too low is not social security: Uber London delivery drivers went on strike Friday or on Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on August 25th, Uber London delivery driver threatened if the salary did not rise, they will go on strike this week. As a result of a strike earlier this month that led to the concession of another takeaway service, the confidence of these workers should be enhanced. According to the takeaway union United Voices the World Union statement, in August 26th there will be hundreds of UberEats takeaway service drivers strike. The reason for the drivers’ strike is that the salary is too low to get the treatment. Uber and other service companies rely on independent contractors to provide transport and delivery service, the contract does not belong to the staff, so these companies need to pay for health care and other benefits. The relationship between these companies and contract workers is increasingly worrying. Deliveroo, a London based service, has been on strike for several days this month, protesting that their salaries will be calculated in terms of hours per day as per orders. When the distributor protested loudly outside Deliveroo headquarters, the company decided to make concessions to allow them to choose hourly pay. Now, the clerk turned the focus to Uber. "It is a big deal." United Voices of World Union on the home page, said, "the times have changed the. Wake up, take the initiative to participate." According to Magers, head of union ·, (Mags Dewhurst) revealed that plans to participate in the strike of the distribution drivers are still discussing their aspirations. Headquartered in San Francisco, Uber in June this year launched a takeaway business, by the driver to go to a local restaurant to take food, and then order the user through the mobile phone distribution of food. "We are committed to becoming the best choice for the London distributor." Uber Alex, general manager of · in London, (Alex Czarnecki), said, with the development of UberEtas, the logistics staff more busy than ever. In fact, since this week, delivering lunch and dinner delivery per hour income is 10% higher than last week. Our office is open to them, and our team is ready to communicate with distributors." The potential strike is one of the many challenges facing Uber in london. Last week, the car company for the city regulators issued new regulations to initiate proceedings — this new requirements from non English speaking drivers must pass the language test. In addition, the new regulations also forced the Uber must be all of its mobile applications to the London transport bureau. (Book Yu)相关的主题文章: