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The oldest fossil to date has been found in Greenland dating back to 3 billion 700 million years ago www.274300.cn

The oldest fossils appeared in Greenland and its history can be traced back to 3 billion 700 million years ago Greenland bare rock embedded in the 1.2-2.8 cm high microspike indicating that it is, the oldest fossil evidence of ancient microbes formed 3 billion 700 million years ago, the "laminated rock samples provide important clues to the ball early forms of life. According to the British Daily Mail reported that the earth’s early asteroid bombardment in the early stages of the earth, the earth’s early life in shallow waters to find shelter. In recent years, scientists have discovered a number of small cone structure in Greenland exposed rocks, confirmed that this is the world’s oldest fossils. The micro structure preserved in sedimentary rocks 3 billion 700 million years ago, is formed by the prehistoric bacteria, or how life on earth will provide new clues. The structure of microbial fossils is called "laminated", suggesting that the complex forms of life have survived in the early stages of earth’s history. Geologists have discovered that they are embedded in the bare rocks of the southwest sea of Greenland, and the microbial population living in the ancient ocean forms the micro cone structure. These fossils, the history of early in life before the discovery of the oldest evidence, Australia – kladun found some laminated rock samples, its history can be traced back to 220 million years ago. This study shows that in the early history of the earth, life forms can quickly form. Scientists have long been trying to think whether or not the life of a long period of time in the early part of the earth can not be nurtured, and when the earth evolved to form a suitable environment, life can thrive. Some people think that life is actually formed in the early days of the earth, and then they have a vital role in the formation of the earth’s ecosystem. Wollongong Australia University geologist Alan – Nuteman (Allen Nutman) and colleagues discovered the fossils, they pointed out that the Greenland biogenic laminated rock history can be traced back to 3 billion 700 million years ago, that it is close to the initial period of earth’s sedimentary record, was due to the biological activity of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, beginning in isolation. Previous genetic studies have shown that the origin of life on earth was about 4 billion years ago, suggesting that the relative complexity of microbial populations appeared in an earlier "primitive soup" for about 300 million years. With the gradual increase of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere, microbial evolution has accelerated. At present, the latest research report published in the recent issue of nature magazine. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory earth scientist Abigail – Allwood (Abigail), said Dr., the findings will indicate whether life may survive on other planets. 3 billion 700 million years ago, the earth’s surface was a noisy environment, suffered a lot of asteroid bombardment, is still in the formative stages. If life has a place to live in, will leave the relevant traces, even a tiny piece of metamorphic rocks, Mars is probably the most promising potential of ancient life forms of the planet, environmental difference 3 billion 700 million years ago Mars and the early Earth is very small, and the surface of Mars water potential. (yo) a minute to understand the history of life on earth相关的主题文章: