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The old man selling proof to prove her husband did not encounter wonderful illegitimate child-restorator

The old man selling her husband did not encounter wonderful proof that illegitimate child original title: Zhengzhou old real wonderful proof to prove her husband not a plot against illegitimate child in order to sell these certificates issued to Zhao aunt "husband has died" that "husband’s parents have died" that "her husband no illegitimate child" that "I never remarried" core tip. Although many departments have made it clear that, for the citizens to cancel the relevant proof. But the 18 year old Zhengzhou has suffered a plot against wonderful proof. After his wife died, Zhao aunt want to sell their own suite. She found a buyer through an intermediary, but to do a no one for real estate notarization, she has opened a number of proof, do two notary. But that will do a husband and husband, son selfless parents died without their remarriage etc.. "The wife’s parents had died in the 60s of last century, where to open their death certificate?" Aunt Zhao is very helpless. November 15th, due to a lot of evidence can not be done, the elderly or face the risk of high liquidated damages. The origin, the eight year old real estate, suffered a "wonderful" that 81 year old Zhao aunt who lives in Zhengzhou City, his wife is native of northeast, two people are working in Baoding and married, retired old people have been living in Zhengzhou, but two sons, one in Beijing, one in Zhengzhou. Zhao’s wife died a few years ago. With the growth of age, Zhao aunt want to sell their own house to live, for a house with an elevator. Zhao aunt after consulting agency, said the agency will help Zhao do real formalities. At the end of August this year, with the help of an intermediary, Zhao aunt more than and 80 square meters of the house soon found buyers. Buyers on the price of 1 million 500 thousand yuan is very satisfied with the house, immediately signed a contract to pay more than $10 thousand of the agency fee, Zhao also paid a deposit of $30 thousand. In accordance with the agency’s statement, Zhao aunt thought that when you just need to sign a word on the line. But there was a lot of trouble. At the beginning of September this year, the agency said, Zhao aunt need a husband’s death certificate, a no other relatives for the property notarization. Notary advice that Zhao aunt to do the heritage of notarization, Zhao aunt not only to provide her husband’s death certificate, parents also need to provide her husband’s death certificate, and prove that he did not remarry, and that her husband selfless child. After all is open to prove, the old man go several days to no avail "husband’s parents in the northeast, died in the early 60s. I haven’t seen it a couple of times. Where to open their death certificate?" Zhao aunt told reporters that his unit in Baoding, she retired for many years, a lot of people do not know the unit. Who do you want to prove? To the neighborhood committees and police stations, since the public security department said publicly that no longer issued a number of wonderful proof to the public, the public security departments and residents are no longer open these proofs. Nevertheless, in order to smooth the transaction, Zhao aunt or through a variety of ways to get their own identity and his wife’s unit of proof. "People are at my age, in my Ruanmoyingpao, issued proof according to the words I say." Zhao aunt’s two sons have also done to give up the right to inheritance notary. But Zhao’s wife’s parents to ya相关的主题文章: