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The number of part of online government become superfluous just to cope with the new network – in ch www.huangse.com

The number of part of online government become superfluous: just to cope with the new network of friends in a check to prepare a second child, in consultation with community service personnel, said now launched the "Internet plus community service platform, as long as the group will join WeChat, this account, identity cards, marriage certificates, upload pictures, you can apply for maternity services card. Friends do, but not below, WeChat did not respond to inquiries. Helpless, he can only go to the community center to handle the window, less than 15 minutes to get the card. Innovative service, to facilitate the masses to do things, no doubt worthy of praise. But the "Internet plus" service become superfluous phenomenon, make people alert. In some places, the lack of customer service network maintenance, just as a cover to cope with the superior inspection; some interactive stiff, indifferent, do not know how to deal with the Internet users…… Online government service capacity and the needs of the masses do not match, affecting the credibility of the functional departments. The new media is not the government, not the image of the project. Only the form does not seek practical results, and pioneering "fashionable" service, can not play its positive effect due. Efforts to "Internet plus" service construction into a convenient measure is feasible and effective, the masses satisfaction will follow up".相关的主题文章: