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The next theme of the plague company is de Europe and vampires-ca1834

"The next theme is" company "plague from Europe" and "vampire" to simulate the spread of infectious diseases and the famous game company: "plague" survival of the fittest in natural selection has just launched a new "shadow plague" expansion pack. Increase the difficulty of the game while adding a lot of elements. What is interesting is that the current international politics is also reflected in the calm of the game, the plague company also began to take off the European element into the game. Plague company in 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum on the European referendum (Brexit vote), the referendum results for the United Kingdom will withdraw from the EU. This result has a profound impact on the international situation and it is no exception to the game. In the company: "plague" shadow "plague" survival of the fittest in natural selection, the new "exit" event can let the game player choose to let the British chose "moderate" and "hard" and "rude" off the European process, can even let Britain to stay in the eu. Different political events have different effects on the epidemic of infectious diseases. While the game developer James has for a great favor "plague" speech, elaborated the establishment method of infectious disease model in the game. The game is not a priority in science, but the spread of disease is very similar to the game. In addition, the game will also increase the cause of a strong bloodthirsty desire of new pathogens. Game player can pass the infection to the human incarnation of giant bats, and set the new "the nest" and "shadowgate" unit, to confuse the surrender of human blood, smashed the World Health Organization Plan etc.. This new model is more like a science fiction or a movie in the plot. "Plague" company "plague" released after usually regularly add new elements. As early as 2013, the game has joined the "Volcano", "debt crisis" and other events to enhance the game player experience, from time to time to join "monkey model" or "Santa flu" also fully embodies the "property" of the plague spoof company. "Plague" is currently available for sale company: survival of the fittest in natural selection on the Steam platform, suitable for PC Mac users. Users are now able to pay to buy the expansion package. Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: