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The newspaper female students cheated death can change anything – View – people.com.cn happynewyear

The newspaper: female students cheated death can change anything – View – people.com.cn original title: female students cheated death can change anything serious leakage of personal information, personal information security protection lack of telecom service providers in guarding against fraud action in the performance is not satisfactory, telecom real name system loopholes, for fraud molecular away. Telecommunications fraud! Shandong prospective college students because Xu Yuyu cheated 9900 yuan tuition, evening and father alarm return, remorse sad, suddenly fainting, died. If this is not a scam, perhaps Xu Yuyu is packed up, went to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications report, but all this is because of a telephone fraud and change. Although Xu Yuyu’s death is not directly caused by the liar, but without this scam, it will not happen. The scam took Xu Yuyu’s life, but also completely destroyed the happiness of the family, both sad and angry. After Xu Yuyu’s death, the local people of liar fraud acts very indignant, cyberspace, users are also anxious to shoot. But anger is not allowed to revive Xu Yuyu, it is difficult to change the reality of rampant telecommunications fraud, and even can not help the police find a liar. Telecommunications network fraud has become a major social nuisance. According to statistics, in 2015, the national court of telecommunications network fraud cases more than a thousand pieces, the amount of fraud on the millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars is the case of the first billion yuan. Because of the loss of telecommunications fraud amount of up to 10 billion yuan per person per year. Deceived a wide range, not only the elderly in rural areas, urban intellectuals and elite, and even Tang Wei and other stars, have suffered telecommunications fraud experience. The telecommunications network fraud is everywhere in our life, has become "public enemy", the disclosure of personal information spread, phone real name registration system is not strict, the victim awareness is not strong, is mainly caused by the telecommunications network fraud rampant. Xu Yuyu cheated cases, liar to grants by call the mother of Xu Yuyu, the implementation of precision deception. In the tracing process, found that the beginning of the fraud phone to 171, there is no real name registration, the actual attribution unknown. With the Xu Yuyu family and guard, gullible liar. Tragedies like this. The telecommunications network fraud happen every day, some people have to "aesthetic" fatigue, flattering. Xu Yuyu cheated amount is not high, her experience has been able to enter the public eye, because she lost her precious life, especially sad. After this was near Gansu is a rural teacher cheated 230 thousand yuan life savings are killed as Dutch act, to the tragic outcome of social concern and the victim. We can’t blame Xu Yuyu and her family after being cheated in the lack of awareness, not indifferent to. An inexperienced prospective students, can have what kind of resistance in front of ingenious trick? If the family is not poor, how can she bear after being cheated so heavy psychological pressure that jihuo. What we should ask is, when is the rampant telecommunications fraud? Unfortunately, prior to our Gansu相关的主题文章: