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The new antibody is expected to bring new AIDS treatment – Zhejiang Channel – People’s network-yuanmu

The new antibody is expected to bring new AIDS therapy — Zhejiang channel — people.com.cn original title: the new antibody is expected to bring an international team of new AIDS therapy in the October 14th issue of "science" magazine published a paper called "injection of alpha 4 beta 7 antibodies and taking antiretroviral drug combination, or become the treatment of HIV (HIV) a new infection. Ganges RIver monkey experiment shows that the use of this means, Ganges RIver monkeys in the anti retroviral drugs, the body of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) will remain low. Antiretroviral therapy is the most common choice for many people with HIV infection, however, long-term use of antiretroviral drugs not only pose a great economic pressure on patients, but also produce many adverse reactions. Therefore, the search for a better treatment of AIDS is the direction of researchers have been. This time, the United States, Germany and other countries of the research team composed of the group will target the "alpha 4 beta" antibody. Previous studies have shown that the antibody could block the spread of the monkey SIV in Ganges RIver. In the experiment, the researchers took SIV 5 weeks after they were infected with the virus in Ganges RIver, and then injected them with a "alpha 4 beta" antibody in the body for a period of up to 4 weeks after taking the drug. After 18 weeks, the researchers stopped taking drugs to the Ganges RIver monkeys and stopped the antibody injection at the end of the thirty-second week. The results of the control experiment showed that only taking anti retroviral drugs in Ganges RIver monkeys, the number of virus in the body after the withdrawal of a sharp rebound, the main target of the virus – the level of CD4 T cells also decreased significantly. However, after the use of combined therapy in Ganges RIver monkeys, the number of SIV virus after stopping in a difficult to detect low level state, the number of CD4 T cells returned to normal levels. This effect can be maintained for 9 months. Although the researchers found no neutralizing antibodies against the new virus infection in monkeys in Ganges RIver, the non neutralizing antibodies against V2 clusters in SIV envelope proteins were found. Studies have shown that antibodies against HIV V2 cluster has a certain anti infection effect. The researchers said the findings provide a new option for the treatment of AIDS, so that patients do not need to continue to take antiretroviral drugs. At the same time, the results of this study are useful for the development of new and effective HIV vaccines. The researchers said that the next step, they will be "alpha 4 beta" antibody for further study, in order to find the truth of its control of SIV.相关的主题文章: