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The net easy to build the Internet service platform for national Jiezhuang China better (video)-kairui

Net easy to create " Internet: national home service platform Chinese better; width=" 480" height=" 392" id=" flashplayer" name=" flashplayer" quality=" high" allowScriptAccess=" always& quot; allownetworking=" all" allowFullScreen=" true" > [Home Furnishing] Chu introduction Wuhan real estate market this year all the way, new homes turnover in the 220 thousand sets of second-hand housing units in 50 thousand, the most expensive land from generation to the regional real estate prices soaring, even out of stock of the scene. All kinds of decoration brands have started to seize the Wuhan Jiezhuang market in 2016, just 1 years you can see all kinds of decoration brand blossom everywhere in Wuhan, there are many foreign brands to seize the market in Wuhan, such as the traditional decoration decoration, in the capital of apple Haier has sold the field live home, actually home decoration actually, including immediate opening work with extension of decoration brand Gold Mantis etc.. But recently there is a brand everywhere, he not only invited to the Wuhan people’s livelihood journalist Jiang Tao do endorsements, is playing a home Internet service platform "China better propaganda language, why Jiang Tao will speak on this platform? What does "better" represent in propaganda language? Today we are honored to interview a transvestite network deputy general manager Mr. Yuan Shuai and business director Mr. Zhang Jingsong, all the people of Wuhan will easily give you a brief introduction of network platform.

全民易装网:打造中国更好的互联网家装服务平台" width="480" height="392" id="flashplayer" name="flashplayer" quality="high" allowScriptAccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowFullScreen="true" >【大楚家居导读】今年武汉房产市场一路飘红,新房成交量在22万套,二手房在5万套,从多地王的产生,到价格飙升,甚至区域楼盘出现断货的景象。全国各类装饰品牌也开始抢占武汉家装市场,2016年短短1年间在武汉可以看到各类装饰品牌遍地开花,外来品牌也有不少抢占武汉市场,比如传统家装的苹果装饰、资本入住的海尔有住家装、卖场类的居然之家的居然装饰,包括马上开业的工装拓家装品牌金螳螂等等。但是最近有一个品牌随处可见,他不仅请到了武汉民生新闻工作者江涛做代言,更是打出了“中国更好的互联网家装服务平台”的宣传语,为什么江涛会代言这个平台?宣传语中“更好的”有代表什么呢?今天我们很荣幸采访到了全民易装网运营副总经理袁帅先生与电商部总监张劲松先生,将就武汉全民易装网平台给大家做简单介绍。相关的主题文章: