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The most stringent new rules for the implementation of the network should be so female anchor-ca1290

The most stringent new rules for the implementation of the official network of female anchor should be so worn in December 1st, there is a wave of images of all aspects of our lives began to implement the new regulations. For users who like to live on the Internet, from the beginning of December 1st will usher in the history of the most stringent live broadcast of the new regulations, the provisions of the Internet service management. The female anchor who rely on pornography edge ball ring powder behavior will no longer be allowed, if violations will face up to the "permanent ban" punishment. At the same time the implementation of the new regulations, the broadcast platform is also actively respond. Panda has released a new version of the regulations on the platform content monitoring, anchor image and audience behavior are strictly regulated. We come to feel in the end "strict" to what extent: for the implementation of government departments on the strengthening of the spirit of the instructions broadcast industry supervision content, the implementation of the "specific requirements for Internet broadcast service management regulations", to maintain and promote the healthy development of the broadcast industry, to create a positive and healthy network environment for the majority of users, the panda live now to carry out the second live content focus on remediation work. During the rectification, the pandas live will focus on strengthening the obscenity, pornography and other laws and regulations prohibit the content of supervision, dress, speech and action from three aspects of specific implementation of codes of conduct, containing illegal content network performance once discovered, will be strictly given a warning, temporary ban, permanent ban punishment, and serious cases related records submitted to the superior government supervision departments, held responsible anchor. 1, strict implementation of real name system for access to anchor anchor, need to provide mobile phone number, holding my ID, bank cards and other related identity authentication information, a variety of ways to ensure true identity verification of all anchor. 2, strengthen the protection of minors, minors: a anchor: minors under the age of 16 for the anchor, requires the consent of the guardian, by the guardian and signed the "minor anchor parents care application" broadcast platform official application filing to the panda; B, resolutely stop the illegal broadcast content stop, commercial activities, excessive entertainment live content 3, strict implementation of the blacklist system, for serious violations of national laws and regulations and the system platform of the anchor, the pandas live will be promptly reported to the management departments at all levels of government, has been included in the blacklist of the anchor, anchor prohibit the application again. 4, during the centralized rectification credit rating management system will be synchronized on the line, the implementation of the credit rating of the anchor management; 5, smooth complaint channels. Rectify the content mainly includes the following contents: 1, no direct human exposure and describe the contents of sites; 2, expressed or obscure sexual behavior, provocative or offensive content; 3, suggestive language, descriptive behavior, sexually suggestive of the process, the type of content; 4, general or private parts not only cover the body clothing, the contents of the private parts; 5, a violation of personal privacy properties exposed, candid, dew point and content; 6, to the vulgar and provocative headline hits; 7, the government banned the spread of pornographic text, audio and video content and social injury weathering, including some of the movie.相关的主题文章: