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The most serious real name system for incoming   Telecom; witness one there is? People.com.cn –IT– original title: the most stringent Telecom real name system incoming witness one how difficult? In September 23rd, the Ministry of industry, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of public security and other six ministries jointly issued "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the implementation of real name system put forward a clear timetable for use in commercial banks and telecom operators to open the card to the limit. In addition, mobile, China Unicom, telecom three basic telecom operators, all over the country have also started from October, the non real name registration will be forced to stop service action. Xu Yuyu case after fermentation, the action of a series of telecommunications fraud is the industry known as "the history of the most tight name system". Some analysts believe that behind the multi departments, enterprise collaboration, is the regulation mechanism of the government, society of telecommunications fraud is gradually improving, but for telecommunications fraud this problem, one needs to have the public patience, on the other hand also need the relevant departments and enterprises to further improve the ecological mechanism of information protection. Witness one needs the efforts of all parties "Chinese business newspaper" the reporter understands, the Ministry for the implementation of real name system to make the final time limit, that is before the end of October 2016, the phone real name rate up to 96%, by the end of 2016 100%, than earlier this year of October 2017 all mobile phone number to realize the real name system for 10 months in advance the time. As the deployment of the recent deployment of telecom operators also frequent action. It is understood that a number of provinces of Beijing, Hubei, Fujian, Shandong, Heilongjiang (city) of the three major telecom operators branch recently announced that from September to November, the real name registration of the mobile phone number of all telecommunications services forced to shut down. In the whole process of telecommunications fraud, the role of the mobile phone SIM card is the voice and SMS receiving and sending, if not the real name of the phone number of the registration of mandatory stop service, it will increase the cost of crime." Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation department officer Xiao handled hundreds of cases of telecommunications fraud, he told reporters that the implementation of real name system, on the one hand to the three operators of real name registration number of the registration, the other one is to clean up the "witness not a" black card "". But compared to the forced stop service, clear this "black card" is more complex. Officer Xiao said, the public security departments across the country’s Interpol detachment, monthly investigation "is not a set number of witnesses" and "black" task, and as one of the indexes to evaluate the handling personnel and detachment. A China Mobile insiders told reporters Chinese "business", China Mobile has 840 million users, the real name registration rate of 94%, if the witness one certification, first look at the registration information is complete or not, then the user needs to be demonstrated with the actual data of the user is not consistent, do not match the need for confirmation. Gradually set up barriers to prevent the abuse of information is worth rejoicing, the six ministries issued notice, the user’s personal information has been set up barriers. "Circular" said相关的主题文章: