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The most beautiful autumn in Shaanxi, have you been here – Sohu travel mentalist

The most beautiful autumn in Shaanxi, have you been here? Sohu of Shaanxi tourism on Qinling Mountains mountain, the famous mountains in Qinling Mountains, Huashan, beyond count, Nangong mountain…… They all have their own characteristics in the autumn is very beautiful. 1, Huashan Huashan is the nation’s holy mountain. According to the Qing Dynasty Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Zhang Taiyan and the research experts and scholars: the Chinese nation was formed and live in the "Huashan week", the name of its land to Yue Hua, then traveled throughout China, Kyushu, the name of the beginning of wide. China’s "Hua", from Huashan, which, Huashan has the root of China, said. Every autumn frost strong season, red leaves and mature fruit with each other in the yellow green mountains, look around, gorgeous and colorful, this is nature gives Huashan another magical beauty. Quiet mountain, rich trees, distant hazy mist…… In the face of Huashan, no matter where you stand, click on the shutter is a painting. Season ticket price: 180 RMB 100 yuan, 2 off-season: Gui Fengshan Guifeng is the Qinling Mountains branch, west of Huangbaiyu, east of Taiping Valley, 1528 meters above sea level, the mountain beautiful scenery, good vegetation, "the sky moon, Guifeng twelve circle". See the distant hills, the red, yellow and green colors with the mountains, and the mountains in the fog was visible, it is a magnificent natural picture. Location: Guyana mountain in Huxian Province, about 50 kilometers from downtown Xi’an. Classic lines: 1) the Ukrainian Village East – houssin Valley – General stone – South Gate – Tianshengqiao – watershed – peak (about 3H) 2) – Cypress primary school – cypress slope, Cao Ling – Cypress Donggou watershed, the main peak (about 4H) 3) home Temple Temple: Cao Ling – – Guifeng watershed – peak (about 2H) in 3, Huang Baiyuan huangbaiyuan located deep in the Qinling Mountains, located in the south of the road about two hours drive from Taibai county. From Taibai county to huangbaiyuan along the way, and the birds singing, weed invasion Road, blue sky and white clouds, green flows, has not been a mundanity of the original state of infection. Huangbaiyuan scenic area is one of the most original Qinling Mountains ecological area, known as the "natural oxygen bar" and "Qinling Mountains Jiuzhaigou". Huangbaiyuan around the mountains, the distribution of white birch forest, red birch, maple forest, yew and other plants, it was in late autumn season, the mountains should also be put on a beautiful autumn, red, yellow, green, intertwined, set off each other, colorful, picturesque. Ticket price: 90 yuan, 4 Li Ping Li Ping the autumn leaves, it is due to the causes of the autumn season in the color change, ladder type conversion and cenglinjinran, colorful, if Huang style painting, line Qi, complex but not chaotic. Maple falls not only beautiful water, because falls around the maple tree and let it become the best viewing point Liping scenic spots of red leaves. Each other, and around the red yellow maple leaf maple with clear water, silver chain waterfalls, beautiful. The location of Li Ping national Forest Park is 65 km away from Hanzhoung City, Xi’an, 300 km, Li Ping, 8相关的主题文章: