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The middle of the night came the sound of the wall shops around the household quickly scared the pol-9c8921

The shops at midnight came against the wall sound of households around the police quickly scared the police are removing "trouble" the sound of Beibei police for map September 14, 2016 at 12 pm, Beibei Zhongshan Road District, a shop suddenly issued a continuous wall sound disturbance around the household can not rest, have alarm. In the middle of the wall where a sound is? After receiving the alarm, Beibei District Public Security Bureau Chaoyang police station quickly out of the police to sound source to search in the vicinity of Zhongshan Road, No. 8, the police found the sound, the original sound is a facade of the Zhongshan Road outdoor commercial failure, continuous wall issued a similar sound. The police tried to contact the owner of the shop, but the store is only opened earlier this month, it could not get any useful information. The night was deep, the noise became more and more obvious. When the crowd’s alarm was one after another, when the helplessness was at a loss, Fei Junfeng, a policeman who knew the mechanical and electrical equipment, proposed to unload the sound, so that it could not only stop the noise, but also damage the equipment. So the police in the police station, after the demolition of audio equipment, after 1 hours of effort, finally will two make noise sound successfully removed. At this time, after two o’clock in the morning, the police had been busy for nearly two hours, but at last, the comfortable sleeping conditions of the masses in the area were finally brought to comfort the police. When the door and face opened for second days, the police Fei Junfeng came to the shop with a sound sound, explaining everything that happened at night. The correspondent Yan Gang Fei Junfeng video is only for extended reading, and the residential building is too close to the hotel and is too noisy to sleep.

商铺半夜不断传来撞墙声 周围住户吓得赶紧报警民警正在拆卸“捣乱”的音响 北碚警方供图2016年9月14日凌晨12时许,北碚区中山路某商铺突然发出持续不断的撞墙声,扰的周围住户无法休息,纷纷报警。半夜的撞墙声是哪里发出的?接到报警后,北碚区公安分局朝阳派出所民警迅速出警对声音发源地进行寻查,在中山路8号附近,民警发现了刺耳的声响,原来是中山路一商业门面的室外音响出现故障,持续不断的发出类似撞墙的声音。民警尝试联系该店主人,但是该店是本月初才开业,因此无法查询到任何有用的信息。夜已深,噪音越发明显,群众的报警一个接一个,就在束手无策之时,懂机电设备的民警费俊峰提议将音响卸下来,这样既能制止噪音,又不损坏设备。于是民警就地取材,站在警车上,对音响设备进行拆卸,经过1个小时的努力,终于将两个制造噪音的音响顺利拆下。此时已凌晨两点过,民警已忙碌了将近两个小时,但是终于还给辖区群众舒适的睡眠环境让民警再累也觉得欣慰。待第二天门面开门营业时,民警费俊峰又带着完好的音响来到该店面,说明了晚上发生的一切。通讯员 颜刚 费俊峰视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 居民楼离饭店太近 噪音烦人难以入眠相关的主题文章: