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The man found remote processing illegal vehicles can not be deducted 12 points back to the freelander2

The man found remote processing illegal vehicles can not be deducted 12 points back to the original title: license to be deducted 12 points Xining car owners worry about what I see is not in accordance with the provisions of the rear license plate to be deducted 12 points deducted 12 points, but if I couldn’t drive my car, that I go back to Xining?" A week ago, Mr. Zhou from Qinghai to Xi’an to deal with the driver’s license violation of the law, can go to the traffic police team was aware of 12 points to be deducted, if the driver’s license is deducted, he could not drive back to Xining. Claiming to be remitted 500 yuan to find the license plate Mr. Zhou said that in May 2014, he drove the car to travel to Xi’an, South was living in a hotel, the evening will be parked in the hotel at the entrance of the parking spaces, in June 1, 2014, he found the car license plate is missing, there is a note on the windshield, saying "you want the license plate please call". Mr. Zhou dialed the phone, a man said to the plate first to the designated bank card 500 yuan exchange, Mr. Zhou had to do. After receiving the money, the man told Mr. Zhou to the north of a garbage can take the license plate, Mr. Zhou to take a smooth plate. Because of the stolen license plate on the screw is gone, Mr. Zhou will be placed on the front plate on the windshield, ready to drive to find a place to install, did not go far on duty police stopped. Zhou recalled that the traffic police said he did not require the suspension of the license plate, the first car to be punished again, he explained the license plate stolen things, the police put him away, and said only warning not punishment. Since then, Mr. Zhou has forgotten the matter. In September this year, to replace the driver’s license in the period, Mr. Zhou to the formalities, Xining traffic police department told him that his driving license has an illegal information in Xi’an, only to Xi’an to deal with Mr. Zhou, after the inquiry found that the illegal information is stolen license plate that day. According to the provisions of the driver’s license to deduct 12 points he worried about how to do a week before the car, Mr. Zhou drove a special trip to Xi’an to deal with illegal information. September 9th, Mr. Zhou to the traffic police to open the group to consult the matter. Police told him that illegal information has been registered on the Internet, must be deducted according to the provisions of Mr. Zhou driver’s license 12 points. After hearing the news, Mr. Zhou is a little bit difficult, because he is driving to Xi’an, if the driver’s license deducted 12 points and fined, so he will not be able to drive back to Xining, how can do his car? Mr. Zhou said, when he came to Xi’an, do not know to buckle 12 points, or he would not drive. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter saw Mr. Zhou and a Qinghai license off-road vehicles. According to the Qinghai Traffic Police Department of the compulsory measures show Mr. Zhou driving license records with information indicating that the driver’s license name does have an illegal information, illegal illegal code 17201, time is June 1, 2014, the source of information for the scene and be punished without punishment, rejection rejection behavior. Illegal illegal code corresponding to the 17201 name is not required to install the license plate of motor vehicle. Reporters interviewed a police in Xi’an, he said, according to the documents show that the offense by the police on the scene to deal with, and opened a ticket, the punishment is also to deal with. But Mr. Zhou said, when the traffic police did open 6相关的主题文章: