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The man because of his girlfriend derailed smashed rival car accidentally pull addict (video)-nvidia geforce gt 740m

The man because of his girlfriend "derailed" smashed "rival" car accidentally pull Nanjing Lishui a man suspected of drug addict girlfriend derailed, and anger "rival" vehicles. Unexpectedly, the police found curling in smashed vehicles, the original "rival" is a drug addict. September 19th morning, Nanjing Lishui Hong blue area police station received a public warning, said Hong LAN Zhen Jiang Jia Cun someone in the car. After receiving the alarm, police immediately out of the police rushed to the scene investigation. Modern Express reporter learned, who smashed cars surnamed Wang, Zhang suspicion girlfriend derailed, he took a friend to his girlfriend followed home, found his girlfriend on a young man driving the car. Wang suddenly yelled: fly into a rage, you said not to sleep at home? Who is this man?" Angry Wang will stop the car, and encouraged friends with bricks and glass doors and fire extinguishers bash, causing the car scrapped. In the process of driving the car, a young man scared and fled the scene. After being informed of the situation, the police will be Wang and his friends on the spot control, and two people back to the police station investigation. Destroyed in the inspection of vehicles, careful police found, there is a pair of driving the car on the curling (drug tools). Is the owner is a drug addict? Police immediately through the license plate number of the car owners to investigate and found that the Department of the Department of a car drug addicts. Subsequently, the police immediately Yim implementation of surveillance, and promptly arrested him. Modern Express reporter learned that the police immediately on any a urine test results were positive. As an account of their number of days before taking the ice. Currently, Ren has been in accordance with the law administrative detention, and forced isolation treatment for two years. The video has nothing to do with the original suspected lovers quarrel man smashed cars.相关的主题文章: