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The main line of the bus dispute outage official want to recover the right to contract-aspack

The main reason for the bus line outage official for recovery of the right to the contracted management of the original title: now resume operation Chinese daily news (reporter Chen Yonghui) because the bus line dispute, Shangluo city bus 9 collective outage, the past 2 months has not restore operation, which makes the people call a lot. In this regard, the Shangluo public transport company responded that the 9 bus will be faced with penalties for unauthorized outage, they plan to deploy capacity as soon as possible to ensure that the public travel. November 1st, after the Shangluo Municipal Transportation Bureau and the Shangluo public transport company coordination, 9 bus has resumed operations. Public: bus outage two months free ride recently, some people reflect that Shangluo city bus 9 collective outage, people travel disruption. This thought will soon be able to recover, I did not expect this outage for two months." Ms. Wang complained that the outage for such a long time, the relevant departments did not take effective measures, which makes people very puzzled. Every time you take the 9 bus ride directly, but after the collective outage of the road 9, it is no longer so convenient." Mr. Zhang said, in some downtown areas is OK, but in some sections of the public bus line less, it would be much harder to travel. October 28th, China Daily reporter in a number of bus stations, do not see a 9 bus. It is understood that Shangluo city bus is divided into two kinds, one is the bus public, one is a private contractor. 8, 9, and other routes are private bus line nature of the contract, and the public buses have 1, 15, 16 Road, etc., because some of the lines overlap and other issues, has been a private bus outage occurred in succession. Driver: company to adjust the line of their own interests forced outage in October 28th, in Shangluo city bus company courtyard, more than 9 bus were parked in the yard, many vehicles are affected. "We are from September 13th outage, and now nearly 2 months, the loss of more than $3 per vehicle." 9 bus owners Guo said, because the company changed their original line, they were forced to stop, they also know that the inconvenience caused to the public, but there is no way to make a living. Guo said that the original 9 bus routes, including a section of the East Ring Road, road congestion, conflicts with passengers passers-by repeatedly. Beginning in 2015, this road has been a one-way traffic, the bus company and the traffic police department, they can be exempted from punishment. In September this year, the East loop to implement electronic capture, they do not go into, from September 1st to 12, the illegal traffic has not been eliminated. After consultation by the company to change the East New road. Although the east ring road blocking some, but more tourists, and the new east road has been narrow and often congested." Another 9 road car, said the director of the master, they do not agree to adjust the line. In addition, the company will be 8 cars and 16 exchange lines, 8 bus station end point from the original Yang River into the new station, so with the private line 9 bus station end point same, will increase the instability factors of disharmony, seriously affecting the 9 tourist road. 9 road car driver said that after the outage they have repeatedly to the relevant department of the 2相关的主题文章: