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"The Lost Castle" producer interview: do game player playing the game lost Castle area [Sina Game exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] "the Lost Castle" is a listed in February this year the domestic independent game. Play the main game Roguelike, your weapons and even the enemy and the map are randomly generated, each attempt is full of challenges. At the same time the game is also integrated into the RPG and ACT elements, playability is very strong. The game since the listing of the game has been consistent with domestic players. Just yesterday in September 1st, Lost Castle ushered in the official version of the update. The production of the game has been continuously updated to give the game player a better gaming experience, the official online game player mode concerned about the development in wildly beating gongs and drums and meet you soon. Sina game was fortunate to interview the game producer, some of the questions that are of interest to us. Let’s take a look at the story behind the lost castle. PS: at the end of the article there are benefits! At the end of the article there are benefits! At the end of the article there are benefits! Q: what kind of chance to do so under the roguelike? Is not roguelike high play? Answer: originally want to do PC single for a very long time to consider the problem of subject matter, feeling that time with random elements of the game are particularly interesting, so consider the sandbox. The sandbox may be quite difficult for us to control the feeling but later made a few prototypes, we just at that time quite fascinated by Isaac and dungeon legend games like, so I decided to do a Roguelike action adventure game elements. We are not too high Roguelike play, Isaac we have clearance level, but this type of game has been playing very crazy, like other "rain", "adventure dungeon legend", "rogue" heritage etc.. Q: what is the background of the production team members? Answer: our team a total of 3 people, everyone is the same grade of university students, are learning software engineering, is probably the second to several of our team during the game, developed some games, during the internship is to practice the game Department of NetEase, a high degree of teamwork. Later, when the decision to develop their own steam game. Lost Castle, the game screen asked: the production process has not encountered a technical problem or do not go on? A: some of the technical problems encountered, are Google consulting and research to solve their own, has become accustomed to. Money certainly, for example, initially did not find the money team do sound like the devil, and had to find the soul or public free domain commercial license material. The cost of living had been saving pennies just survived. Q: there are a lot of game player said the game from the "oppressive" rogue Knight "legacy" these works, how do you see? Answer: learn from the fact that we do not believe that there is no ah. We have been addicted to the thief legacy for some time. We are also very "oppressive Knight" was played, was still in the early stages of development, often find.相关的主题文章: