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The last day of the holiday Hushang delicacy store weeding Guide www.dde8.com

The last day of the holiday Hushang delicacy store weeding guide for Mid Autumn Festival on the last day, also want to and friends about a friend, please. A big red net has temperament store, take away. Between 1 and 1946 street network consisting of 1946 net red red popsicles popsicles overnight, this rustic popsicle became the last red net this summer. Shenyang 70 years of history of the time-honored professional ice cream, but when father Zhang Zuolin love drinks, there are six kinds of unforgettable taste. For example, with authentic Belgian chocolate and pure milk do big black sweet taste, the dense and silky, and with peanut sauce and sesame sesame "Daddy do"! If you are a greedy little, then the black and white half a coincidence, two flavors, bursting with satisfaction. It is said that in Shenyang, even more than 10 degrees below zero weather, people also want to buy a taste. [delicious]   region; the people’s Square subway station 1-3 exit channel [2] 10 yuan per capita, Dong Ji noodle shop master Dong small noodle noodle shop master mind backing the humble is great. The boss is Ruijin Rui Jin Hotel chef, and he ate the whole China, many years of painstaking research, alsosets, development the secret of their own to help out. Chicken noodle soup and the general frame is different, here is only 5 of the old hen, pig, 20 kinds of spices, shrimp, mushroom stewed for 1.5 hours, with the Soviet style of the soup oh! Eating noodles, soup is also a mouth to drink don’t waste. Deep-Fried Spare Ribs is Shanghai people’s favorite, crisp and tender, dipped in chili sauce with a mouthful of sesame oil. Look at the store’s customers are to understand the back, you know how good this noodle shop! [delicious] regional Yuyuan Road No. 781 [3] 20 yuan per capita [1], cactus restaurant joy joy holiday cactus restaurant playground playground must take the kids to the restaurant weeding, outdoor time movie, indoor has a big slide, can be directly from the two floor to slide down ~ is simply not so cool! The two floor there is a big sofa, Ge You fell to death. The chef is from Hongkong, a small plait super beautiful, speak very fun, cooking a stick, poached tender slippery, little friends can eat, Thai fried rice and dry meat, rice grains and fresh and cool, spicy appetite, holiday morning rush to eat a meal or a Bruch all day. [delicious] West Yan’an Road Area No. 576 [4] 50 yuan per capita, Double Win Cafe Double Win Cafe a few people who love coffee coffee occupation, the lunatic cafe, every cup of coffee here are temperature, look at the store senior senior coffee machine was that it should be very happy in coffee! Lemongrass latte is very interesting, drink a second crossing to Thailand! There is little Tom Yam feeling, super wonderful! This material is full of sincerity, carefully selected coffee beans, does not contain any creamer, saccharin and other chemical raw materials, even with cup so love! [delicious] regional Wanhangdu Road No. 889 889 Plaza B]相关的主题文章: