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The incremental funds set by the project quotation push up loot discount narrowed fund managers worry Sina stock fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Tan Chudan Shenzhen reported that despite the continued weakness of A shares in September, but the volatility of the market by adding special excitement. Several insiders told reporters in the "twenty-first Century economic report, asset shortage background, the increase is given more high-quality investment products, to meet the market demand, a number of fund companies have set up fixed gain products, led to fierce competition in the subscription. It also contributed to the price rise, resulting in narrowing the discount rate, fixed product revenue increased just passable; there were institutional investors that the market will increase, the big trend of opportunity does not exist, we should pay more attention to growth stocks. Since the incremental funds flocked to subscribe for a given increase in September, the number of listed companies have set by the premium phenomenon in biological Co. (6000201.SH) as an example, in September 22nd the company issued the results, the company will increase the price of 24.03 yuan, the issue price of 31 yuan, and the issuance of the closing price is only 30.22 yuan. In addition, Lizhu group (000513.SZ), Shanghai electric (601727.SH), Wangfujing (600859.SH), day boat culture, the Great Wall culture (300148.SZ) (300089.SZ), Juhuagufen (600160.SH) also appeared premium issue. Even so, the rights and interests of the Department will increase the product investment manager Li Rong (a pseudonym) told the twenty-first Century GF Information Economic Herald reporter, "set by the project still guarantees a higher discount level, the average price below ten percent off, premium or a minority." Although the premium increase is still only a few individual cases, but some studies have found that the recent increase in the discount space for the project is getting smaller and smaller. According to the statistics of Shenwan Hong, every Monday period set by the project, the average discount rate at the beginning of September, the one-year project average discount rate was 16.71%; but in the third week of September as of September 18th, the average discount rate fell to 12.83%; the fourth week of September (as of September 25th), the average discount rate of only 10.07%. In the face of an increasingly narrow discount space, a number of industry insiders pointed out that mainly due to the influx of incremental funding to promote the rise in prices". "Recently involved in incremental funding will increase more, on the one hand, other equity products, no money effect, so other funds are involved in a given increase in; on the other hand, not previously set by institutional investors are also involved." Shenzhen, a public fund companies do set by the fund manager told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter. Raised above the person also said, "some small private institutions have set by the project to sell to customers, publicity should be given by participating in a project to do, they will increase the product for the purpose, therefore has a very strong willingness to take the project will increase, so high prices, this is also one of the reasons to push the high price of Dingzeng. However, investors behind the product does not determine the ability to increase the project, part of the private equity is not responsible for taking the theory相关的主题文章: