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The implementation of consumer law regulations can end telemarketing-exit safe mode

Telemarketing can end consumer law regulations for the implementation of the "Consumer Protection Law Implementation Regulations (Draft)", the day before the end of the public comment. In a month of the consultation process, how to protect the security of personal information, the courier lost, how to compensate for the occupation and other applicable regulations whether counterfeiting issue raised concerns. In the context of frequent telecommunications fraud, which can not be sold without the consent of the consumer phone calls, in particular, caused concern. Draft clear, operators should ensure that the safety of consumer personal information, shall not disclose, tamper with, damage and provide consumers with personal information. Special emphasis: "without the explicit consent or request of the consumer, the operator shall not send commercial electronic information or call a commercial telemarketing call." According to this statement, the direct meaning is that after the telemarketing will not be able to. But in fact, the implementation of consumer law regulations can end the phone? For a long time, "Shandong Xu Yuyu" incident seemed to open a window, let people see telecommunications fraud hateful, and then a similar incident occurred frequently, let the people see in telecommunications fraud this chain, there are layers of fall. In reality, telecommunications fraud is more common than telephone harassment; and in the telephone harassment, the most common is telemarketing. If the phone has been checked, but many people not only ears, telephone harassment and Telecommunications fraud, will also be reduced. In April 24, 2015 revised the "advertisement law", article forty-third stipulates that any unit or individual without the consent or request, not to send advertising, the residential traffic tools, also not to send advertising to electronic information. "Regulations for the implementation of consumer protection law (Draft)" to reflect the content, already exists in the "advertisement law", and the continuation of the implementation of consumer law regulations emphasize the spirit of the law, can only be repeated. "Advertising law" clearly without the consent of electronic information can not be used to send advertising, be resolutely implemented? In reality, people clearly see that telemarketing has not been curbed, but there is a growing phenomenon of flooding. For more than a year, people can see the hand "advertisement law" in some other illegal advertising content on the face of the phone, just didn’t see the "advertisement law" to play a role, also did not see the relevant departments for weapons by law, to safeguard consumers’ ears. In the face of long ago, consumer law implementation regulations to avoid becoming a replica of the advertising law, play its due role, we must carry out the spirit of the law, safeguard the authority of law, placed in the most prominent position. In the maintenance of the interests of consumers, the parties bear an important, or even the most important role. And this is bound to require the parties to take on their own responsibility, and resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of consumers with the law. If you can do this, telemarketing will naturally become a thing of the past. In many cases, we do not lack the law, the lack of law enforcement. Don’t worry about people, will be like the selective implementation of the advertising law, will be selective enforcement of regulations for the implementation of consumer law, in some key terms, such as "without the consent of the consumer cannot play the push.相关的主题文章: