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The German National Wanted suspects involved in terrorist police in his home and found an explosive cm68.com

The German National Wanted suspects involved in terrorist police in his home and found strong explosive – Beijing, China News Agency, Berlin, October 8 (reporter Peng Dawei) suspected of planning terrorist attacks, the German police on 8 of the country a 22 year old man from Syria launched a nationwide manhunt. The same day, the police tried to arrest this man failed, then at his home and found hundreds of grams of strong explosive explosives TNT. German media reported that the man or an extremist organization Islamic state (IS) background. At noon the same day, the German authorities dispatched a large number of police surrounded the residence of the suspect named Jaber Albakr located in the eastern city of Isaacson, Chemnitz residential area, but the suspect escaped. The police found several hundred tons of explosives in its home. The explosives were then safely transferred and destroyed by bomb experts. German television quoted a spokesman for the Isaacson Criminal Investigation Bureau, said the day of the operation, no one was injured. Police also arrested the same day, three people who have contact with Jaber Albakr, and its interrogation. The spokesman said that they received the German Federal Constitutional Protection Agency on the evening of 7, the suspect and the suspect may be planning attacks, then decided to take action to protect the safety of citizens. German news agency reported that the suspect or IS related, but the spokesman said, can only assume that the man is dangerous". Police in Germany and then issued a warrant with Jaber Albakr photos, he was suspected of plotting a bomb attack. For the German media said the suspect plans to attack the German airport, Isaacson, the criminal investigation bureau did not confirm the same day. According to the German N-TV television reported, the capital of Berlin deployed riot police patrol at the airport, train station, and especially for Tiger and Schoenefeld two airports to enhance the safety level of airport vehicles inspected by the police. Currently, the German authorities have not yet disclosed the suspected terrorist attack plan time, place, manner, etc.. As to whether the young man of Syria nationality came to Germany as a refugee, the parties concerned have not clarified. As of 8 midnight local time, the suspects still at large. German police have warned the public to strengthen prevention. (end)相关的主题文章: