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The end of the next year, the Shanghai Film Museum in the trial operation of non profit institutions homefront

Table Tennis Museum in Shanghai at the end of next year trial operation for non-profit agencies yesterday, the International Table Tennis Federation President Thomas · Victor visited Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, attended the ITTF Museum and China Museum exhibition design table tennis conference. Reporters learned that the current construction of the museum has entered the stage of pile construction, is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 and began trial operation. "Table tennis" as the country ball, by the National People’s favorite, in the Rio Olympic Games, wonderful performance Chinese athletes is more numerous ring powder. It is understood that the current ITTF now has 222 members, is the world’s second largest sports organization. In May 2013, the International Table Tennis Federation announced the Table Tennis Museum will be located in Lausanne to Shanghai, Switzerland China, original ITTF museum collections also moved to Shanghai new stadium. The 13 year history of the museum has with table tennis related collections about more than 7000 pieces, including some rare early items of table tennis, more complete history and track the origin and the development of table tennis, play a great role in the history and cultural heritage of table tennis the. Its migration is also a symbol of the table tennis as the center of the cultural platform to transfer to Shanghai. In accordance with the "two unity Museum" principle, the city will be the International Table Tennis Museum and the original has been determined Chinese Table Tennis Museum integration in Expo Culture Expo district construction site selection of the ITTF Museum Chinese table tennis museum. After the completion of the ITTF Museum and Chinese Table Tennis Museum is a non-profit, public welfare, the only permanent institution, will also become the first to introduce Chinese international professional sports museum. Currently, the museum has entered the construction phase of the pile construction, is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 and began trial operation. It is understood that, in order to better do the museum exhibition design, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education commissioned a professional design units for exhibition concept design work, and repeatedly listened to the views of experts in various fields of education, culture, sports, art, publicity etc.. In the program reports yesterday’s meeting, the International Table Tennis Federation President Thomas · Victor said hope Ping Museum future can use modern multimedia technology, the new breakthrough of the traditional, exhibits enhanced ornamental, let the audience here to seek knowledge, find fun, experience the charm of table tennis sports. At the same time, he donated to the museum. All of the top athletes including signature Rio 2016 Olympic Games table tennis, all men and women won the gold medal in the team large racket, the signature of Ding Ning signature singles final ball seven Brazil Olympic Games in Rio precious collections.相关的主题文章: