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The embarrassment of my sister! See the doctor how to do normal, the role of animation works in general will not depict the specific condition of seeing a doctor. Unless the protagonist is interacting with a beauty care teacher, it will attract some gentlemen’s saliva. But for girls, they often meet the embarrassment of a man in reality. What would they think at this time? Recently, the Japanese media conducted a survey. The diagnosis of "physical contact – no matter what the situation, if the body is touched, it makes me uncomfortable." (34 year old financial position) "as long as it will touch the body, it is good for a female doctor." (25 other operating positions) – when the stethoscope touch is often not useful stethoscopemeasurement heartbeat situation? I hate that. " (28 year old food sales) "watch with a stethoscope. It’s better to be a woman doctor. " (33 year old financial affairs department) – see "time sensitive parts of the sensitive parts to be seen, feel feel shy." (23 year old medical sales) "I hate being seen in sensitive areas." (27 other full-time) "- to see if the gynecological gynecological doctor, so women or better." (28 year old group affairs department) "if it is a gynecologic examination, then I don’t have a male doctor." (30 year old software) has investigated a lot of embarrassment in the hospital. On the whole, girls don’t want men to check themselves. So if you mind this, you can make an appointment in advance. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

妹子的尴尬!看病遇到男医生怎么办正常来说,动漫作品当中的角色一般都不会刻画出具体看病的情况。除非是什么主人公跟美女保健老师的互动,才会吸引一些绅士的口水。而对妹子而言,在现实里却经常遇到医生是男性的尴尬情况,这种时候她们会怎么想呢?近日,有日本媒体进行了调查。■接触身体的诊断“无论什么情况,如果被触碰身体,都让我不舒服。”(34岁 金融 营业职位)“只要会触碰身体,那么还是女性医生好。”(25岁 其他 营业职位)■被听诊器触碰的时候“经常不是会有用听诊器测量心跳的情况吗?我就讨厌这种情况。”(28岁 食品 销售)“用听诊器来观察。最好还是女医生。”(33岁 金融 事务系)■被看到敏感部位的时候“被看到敏感部位时,感觉很不好意思。”(23岁 医疗 销售)“我讨厌被看到敏感部位。”(27岁 其他 专职)■看妇科的时候“如果去看妇科,那么还是女性医生比较好。”(28岁 团体 事务系)“如果是妇科类的检查,那么我不要男医生。”(30岁 软件 其他)以上调查了很多在医院遇到的尴尬。整体而言,妹子都不太希望让男性来检查自己呢。所以在座的各位妹子,如果大家介意这一点的话,可以事先进行预约哦。点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: