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The Eleventh Party Congress Zigong gongjingou Pinqiang opportunities chase across to b-www.74eee.com

The Eleventh Party Congress: Zigong gongjingou Pinqiang opportunities chased across the full build "strong industrial zone, Xicheng quality" – Sichuan Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn September 30th Chengdu power plant in the new starting point, planning a new leap forward. In September 29th, the CPC gongjingou Eleventh Congress held at the district conference center. The meeting proposed that the next five years will firmly grasp the "promote the revitalization and development, the well-off society" theme, strengthen the economy, politics, culture, society, ecological civilization construction and Party building in the new period, focus on grabbing opportunities, leap to catch up, to build a "strong industrial zone, west side, and the synchronization quality of" comprehensive well-off society, efforts to build a more prosperous economy, society more civilized, more beautiful environment, more affluent people gongjing. The meeting clearly the next five years the goal of comprehensive economic competitiveness, industrial supporting capacity, the quality of the city, the connotation of public service ability, the quality of people’s life and the construction of the party level have improved significantly, the average annual growth rate of major economic indicators higher than the city level, regional GDP exceeded 20 billion yuan, local public budget revenue growth rate is higher than the general the GDP growth rate; new industrialization, urbanization, informatization, green agricultural modernization, coordinated development, Zigong Aviation Industrial Park agglomeration effect fully revealed; built area of 14.2 square kilometers, the urbanization rate increased to 55%; urban and rural residents per capita disposable income reached 43440 yuan, 22020 yuan, the effectiveness of poverty alleviation work firmly, and continuously improve the social security system. Based on the goal, Gongjing district to be made to the development of the concept of the five "as the lead in expanding new space, open in Pinqiang new opportunities, foster economic and social development of the new growth pole. Adhere to the "two Hing three", speed up industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, appropriately plan ahead and build a number of major infrastructure projects, and promote the upgrading of urban and rural development. Coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization, the implementation of innovation driven strategy, deepen the reform of key areas, strengthen inclusive basic, overall construction of people’s livelihood, weaving dense livelihood "protection net", let the people have more sense. (Deng Kunpeng Liao Lanlei) (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia) 自贡贡井区第十一次党代会提出:拼抢机遇 追赶跨越 全力建设“产业强区、品质西城”–四川频道–人民网 人民网成都9月30日电  站在新起点,谋划新跨越。9月29日,中共贡井区第十一次代表大会在区会务中心举行。会议提出,未来五年将牢牢把握“推动振兴发展、决胜全面小康”主题,全面加强经济、政治、文化、社会、生态文明建设和新时期党的建设,着力拼抢机遇、追赶跨越,全力建设“产业强区、品质西城”,与全市同步全面建成小康社会,努力建设经济更加繁荣、社会更加文明、环境更加优美、人民更加富足的新贡井。 会议明确了今后五年的奋斗目标:综合经济实力、产业支撑能力、城市品质内涵、公共服务能力、人民生活质量和党的建设水平均明显提升,其中,主要经济指标年均增速高于全市水平,地区生产总值突破200亿元,地方一般公共预算收入增速高于地区生产总值增速;新型工业化、城镇化、信息化、绿色化、农业现代化协调发展,自贡航空产业园集聚效应充分显现;建成区面积达14.2平方公里,城镇化率提高到55%;城乡居民人均可支配收入分别达到43440元、22020元,脱贫攻坚成效更加牢固,社会保障体系不断健全。 基于奋斗目标,贡井区提出要以“五大发展理念”为引领,在扩大开放中拓展新空间、拼抢新机遇,培育经济社会发展新增长极。坚持优二兴三,加快产业升级和结构调整步伐,适度超前谋划和建设一批重大基础设施项目,促进城乡发展提品升级。统筹物质文明与精神文明协调发展,实施创新驱动战略,全面深化重点领域改革,加强普惠性、基础性、兜底性民生建设,织密民生“保障网”,让人民群众具有更多获得感。(邓鲲鹏 廖蓝蕾) (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: