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The crime division into a dark horse ” small and beautiful ” will be the future dir-queer as folk

"Crime division" into the dark horse of   " small and beautiful " is the future development direction of network drama – the media – people.com.cn original title: "small is beautiful" will be the future direction of the development of the bilingual network drama Web Series "disease" crime "in Korea shooting, although the protagonist Tang Shuo is Chinese reasoning expert, but to solve the case in South Korea under the help of the police. So, China actors to die, and also the bilingual switch at any time, how to speak the same language. Comic Wang Peng this summer, in addition to full screen dancing fantasy Xian Xia drama, there is a "debris flow" in the IP by Iqiyi — become an independent school only broadcast the super network drama "crime", tells the story of detective Tang Shuo because of his fiancee in Korea was murdered, alone to chase exotic fierce story. With the theme of the original, unique type, plot and making the control on the details in place, the burning brain suspense crime as the biggest selling point of the mystery play cumulative volume has reached 371 million times, micro-blog topic "network drama crime division" reached 530 million the amount of reading. Word of mouth is burst, such as "Wen imperial critic Mei Zixiao Zhang Xiaolong, the big coffee incarnation of tap water", Li Yinhe is praised as "the pinnacle of domestic suspense drama". There are so many professionals in the depth of the recommendation, are enough to boost the crime division to become a dark horse in the field of drama this year. Good atmosphere, not procrastination plot forward, this is a lot of praise for "mystery fans" of the crime division. It is worth mentioning that this was shot in Seoul, Hongkong, the inference network drama Changzhou three, is also China’s first flagship "Bengue detective" mystery drama. The so-called "Bengue detective", is an orthodox genre of detective novels, the mystery logic first mainly focus on adventure plot and interesting trick layout, and through logical reasoning plot, often killing the chamber or kill trick island type. The "crime" of the division of the first three episodes, the total had broken road room, the room elevator killing events, Ripper murder and gym room room four room cement murder murder, in the plot suspense pushed to the compelling climax at the same time, it is also the best interpretation of tribute to Bengue detective: not only the facts of the crime, and criminals are using techniques of confusing, like "impossible crime". Only when the actor Tang Shuo by logical reasoning traces clues collected and perfectly, the truth is gradually restore justice, shrouded in the hearts of the audience also gradually unravel the mystery — this is the proper attitude Bengue detective. It should be said that the "crime division" in the script of the polish is indeed a lot of effort, this with its producer Wei Xin itself is a mystery fiction fans are inseparable. Who gave the "Hongkong literature" "Hongkong writers", "Ilook" magazine wrote a column producer, in addition to writing this story prototype, specifically looking for a professional Futsal team of writers, work together to complete the script: hatch Bengue detective writer Leng Xiaozhang as head writer, Xiao Rui is responsible for literature planning, white Jie and Lu Wenying is responsible for the specific writer, poplar seedlings is mainly responsible for the design and modification of the plot script. It is based on the reason相关的主题文章: