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The Commission for controlling coal to start a heating season in response to the price of coal is ex marie digby

The Commission for controlling coal to start a heating season in response to the price of coal is expected to rise to meet the financial reporter Li Chunlian – Sohu of coal industry to production has not been completed, the coal demand is increasing, leading to soaring coal prices. In order to control the soaring price of coal, and then the new tactics. September 23rd morning, the development and Reform Commission organized the coal market situation seminar, through the implementation of the advanced production capacity of coal mine production system, control part of the production capacity, and the release of some production. The day before, the NDRC has launched a response, intends to increase production capacity on the scale of 500 thousand tons, to ensure a stable supply of coal. In September, part of Iraq, and Huadian coal mine of Shenhua Group has been allowed to increase production. But it should be mentioned is that the fourth quarter coal production capacity is still very arduous. In addition, the plant began to meet the winter storage of coal, it is the demand season. Analysts believe that the fourth quarter is the capacity to focus on supervision tasks close, the coal market tight supply situation is difficult to reverse the short-term power, coal is expected to usher in a new round of rising. Since the NDRC launched a response to control coal prices recently, the market coal prices rising too quickly, in some areas and some electric power, iron and steel enterprises supply tight situation. China Iron and steel industry association is a document submitted to the NDRC, the request to increase the supply of coal mines, the original contract to honor the supply agreement to protect the normal production of iron and steel enterprises. In view of entering the preparation period for winter storage of coal, the coal industry overall production to ensure a steady supply, promote market prices remain at a reasonable level, the morning of September 23rd, the national development and Reform Commission Organization, Shenhua Group Coal Group, China iron and Steel Industry Association, China Coal Industry Association and other departments held a seminar on the situation in the coal market. Development and Reform Commission said that through the flexible implementation of advanced production capacity of coal mine production system. Coal mine production system reduces the amount of production capacity, production release, according to market demand to release part. To meet the requirements of advanced production capacity, can be released between 276 and 330 working days. As long as the application of advanced production capacity, it is necessary to pay close attention to acceptance. Seasonal changes in the supply can also be phased elastic production, the end of the year to return to 276 working days, if the annual production of more than 276 working days, can be resolved through the allocation of resources capacity. In fact, at the beginning of September, the national development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments to formulate a stable supply of coal, coal prices rose too fast suppression plan, and start the two level response, increase coal production of about 300 thousand tons. Recently, the development and Reform Commission has launched a response to the proposed increase in production capacity of 500 thousand tons. Relevant departments have studied the follow-up policy measures, the next step, depending on the coal market changes, if the situation is still in the continuation of the increase in the amount of advanced science and technology put into production, to ensure stable supply of coal. "Securities Daily" the reporter also learned that in September, Shenhua has 14 subordinate coal mine to increase production, the monthly maximum increment for a total of 2 million 790 thousand tons of coal, part of Huadian Group’s Iraq and also allowed to increase production. Analysts believe that Shenhua coal prices are also the purpose of production.相关的主题文章: