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Business The unique carpet cleaning franchise opportunity offered by oxygenated carpet cleaning .panies is almost perfect for the environment minded aspiring business owner. There are literally hundreds of franchise opportunities to choose from, of course, and it can be hard to narrow down your choices and decide which one is right for you, but oxygenated carpet cleaning service is one of the only options if you want to provide a service or product that is one hundred percent environment friendly, non toxic, and all natural. The System! There is still some doubt these days about the power of organic cleaning alternatives, but rest assured, oxygenated carpet cleaning is as powerful as any chemical based carpet cleaning method, and more powerful than most. The system works in four basic steps, listed as follows: Powder The powerful oxygen based cleaning products are all natural and .pletely biodegradable and non-toxic, unlike most caustic soaps and harsh chemical based solvents. These products break down the dirt for easy absorption. Sponge Literally thousands of tiny sponges. This product is applied to the broken down dirt and stains to absorb the grime. Encapsulator The dirt-containing oxi-sponges are crystallized by an encapsulating agent. This seals the dirt and makes it easier for pickup by the carpet cleaning machine The Carpet Cleaning Machine The Carpet Cleaning Machine used in oxygenated carpet cleaning uses a pair of super fast, circular, rotating brushes, spinning at over 400 rounds a minute. This powerful machine removes the encapsulated dirt and stains from the carpet, but also lifts the carpet pile so as to dig up any loose debris and dirt from the bottom of the carpet. So you wanna buy a carpet cleaning franchise? An excellent choice if youre a first time business owner is to look for an already established franchise for sale in your area. This takes away a lot of the headaches and hassles of starting a new franchise from scratch. Finding carpet cleaning franchise opportunities Many carpet cleaning franchises offer turn key franchise opportunities. This means that the .pany will provide you with everything you need to get started, from training to products to advertising. .panies like OxiFresh will supply each franchise owner with not only the above, but also, a personalized website to ensure that the customers in your area will know exactly where to find you. Running an eco-friendly carpet cleaning business The non-toxic, pet safe, child safe, eco-friendly alternative to traditional, harmful carpet cleaning solutions is probably the number one appeal of the oxygenated system. Oxygen based cleaning is simply one of the only major eco-friendly carpet cleaning business opportunities available. Besides being better for the environment, oxygenated cleaning is also better for the client. Chemical based cleaning can produce toxic fumes or leave behind unhealthy residue. This can irritate the skin and be unhealthy for children and pets, and even if not, the thick soaps and high-moisture methods applied by traditional carpet cleaning .panies take a long time to dry. The low moisture, non-toxic oxygenated system creates no residue, and is fast drying, which almost guarantees return business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: