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The capital of Shanghai Wanda sniper stocks not soft two, Howard earned 54 million – Sohu securities roselip

The capital of Shanghai Wanda sniper stocks not soft two, Howard earned 54 million? Wanda Sohu – Securities privatization stocks in the last week of collective outbreak, this week the trend of differentiation. The 24 emperor’s group (002329), new Hualian (000620) continue to charge, but after a strong country in the water (600187), (002516), world science and Technology (000631), Shun Fat sunny poor performance. And once with Wanda privatization scandal TEDA shares (000652), Shanghai nine hundred (600838), Red Star Development (600367) also clarify the finished lower. Exchange public information display, Shanghai hot money is the main force in the privatization of Wanda Wanda concept stocks, in the operation of hot money, the emperor’s group has become the recent performance of the best Wanda privatization stocks. Wanda intends privatization trend was differentiation of the return of A shares of the real estate sector after Hengda placards Vanke another hot topic. Days ago, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said Wanda Commercial in Shanghai to IPO, or take the backdoor listing, according to reports, Wanda business intends to return to A shares in August 2018. In general, Wanda Commercial privatization involves two aspects of the stock, first, if it is through the backdoor way to return to the A-share market involved in the company A; Wanda is involved in the privatization of the company in two. Have been ready to last week, the two categories of Wanda stocks, zhangshengyipian. For example, Shanghai nine hundred last week, the cumulative increase of 40.81%, the transaction is obvious, so that the company did not conduct any negotiations and to clarify the contact with Wanda Commercial, then the stock price down. This week, stocks differentiation trend was already clarified: Wanda privatization stocks have nine hundred, Shanghai TEDA shares, red star development, 3 stocks were on Monday only limit; confirming the involvement of Wanda Commercial privatization stocks, including water treatment group, broad-minded Huangshi technology, Shun Fat sunny, new Hualian the trend has also been differentiated, the emperor’s group on Monday Chonggao back behind, the last two trading days and the 24 day assault force, intraday trading, closed up over 8%, the exchange rate reached 33.70%; new Hualian after Monday fell on Tuesday, due to the confirmation of the controlling shareholder of the company’s subsidiaries in the Wanda Commercial privatization on the 24 day, limit the impact of water in the country rose over 9%; Monday, Tuesday fell 2.53%, 24 days after the rapid decline was up over 6% and turned green; broad-minded technology, Shun Fat sunny in After the callback lackluster performance, the 24 average daily income. According to Wind statistics, in August 17th, since the outbreak of the privatization of private equity shares, to 24, the largest increase in the emperor’s group, the cumulative rise of up to 46.42%; followed by junior water, since August 17th rose to 40.43%. In addition, interval or the new Hualian is also 14.71%. The capital of Shanghai people exchange public information display, Shanghai hot money is Wanda privatization stocks sniper force, including Guotai Junan Shanghai Fushan Road Securities Business Department, CITIC Securities (600030) Shanghai Huaihai Road Securities Business Department was the most active, between multiple related stocks;相关的主题文章: