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The broken line intensified differentiation stocks or into next week’s ppp polartec

The broken line intensified differentiation stocks or into next week’s "PPP" this paper starts from the micro signal: multitray master (fupan588) today is the national day of the morning, North Korea, North Korea (suspected explosive) five earthquake, said South Korea is likely to be a nuclear test. Not surprisingly, at noon, the Korean television broadcast news shocked the world a successful nuclear test! Confirmed, afternoon A market situation changes, the early hot plate diving market, PPP concept of a sudden turn for the worse, stand in line and then vanished. Disk analysis: early market fluctuation heinous, Shanghai only 12 points, the abnormal dull, hot is scarce, basically all is under the influence of related messages were active, not strong to; in drop list, Huangshanghuang, GQY video, gold ham plus the previously popular new collective fall, chicken ribs increasingly obvious market characteristics. Whatever you say, now the market is Manniu or slow bear, will not have a particularly large index trend in the market, the weak market continued to test retail confidence, investors need to accurately determine. How about next week: Friday market closed end of the five Yin Yang Lian, the layout of the next week, on the news, according to Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported on September 8th, Dalian was built by the 001A carrier progress rapidly, the mainland military website recently revealed a group of photos show the modular ship Island are in hoisting, and has been placed that makes the whole aircraft carrier has a rough shape, the media that, according to this construction speed, probably in October you can leave the dock. In addition, today the North Korean nuclear test, makes ship, aerospace industry in the small cap and the key technology of the boutique stock in the next market rose sharply increased sharply in the opportunity, you can pay close attention to this kind of stock in the next week after the opening there is no sudden peatlands the main signs of intervention, there is no point to buy with technology request. Technically, the Shanghai Composite Index has been 4 consecutive trading days from Tuesday to suppress the line. In the short term, the market sentiment is low, trading deserted, the cycle is difficult to break the deadlock cycle. With the disk, diving late in 3080 stabilized, closing again fell below 3080 points, trading funds rush to raise, or lack of confidence in, but fortunately no upward trend line below the line level index, Monday observed the support of 3070 points, or once below the control risk! Can not change the market operation, then change their index, since there is not much chance, so only change their way of trading, the flow is the essence of investment. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [] or [fupan588] multitray master  相关的主题文章: