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The Big Business Of Art Small Finds More Takers-winsockfix

Business Slowdown has seeped into the art segment as well. Collectors and buyers are looking forward to invest in smaller works, which is a .plete turnaround from their previous penchant for something bigger and fuller. Art and crafts- A pure indulgence of the well-heeled and the highly affluent. Thanks to its prohibitive pricing which makes it impossible for a .mon man to afford it. Now, with the Markets turning hostile, it was largely expected that connoisseurs of art will fade into the oblivion. However, our assumptions were proved wrong, when both new and old buyers thronged a recent Art summit held in Delhi. However, the summit saw the buyers-both new and old- scripting a reverse market story. Interestingly, small works of known artists were in high demand, as opposed to larger works. Sales surged, and almost all gallerists agreed to the fact that small works were the most favored, .pared to their larger counterparts. Larger works were reserved, but whether it would translate into sales or not, was the big question. It seems few gallerists had already got a hint of the new trend, and had accordingly .missioned small works for the summit. Matter-of-factly, even the show was actually titled Think Small! Many artists, who brought in smaller sizes, considering their booth sizes, were surprised to find that though the larger works captured everyones imagination, it was the smaller works had kept the cash registers ringing. If one sees it logically, it makes a good sense. A Paresh Maity work which normally costs Rs.15 lakh to Rs.16 lakh was now available for Rs.2 lakh. So the buyers had to fork out only a little, and even then he could invest in the artist of his interest. Owning a Sakti Burman Canvas was an unimaginable prospect previously. However, now you can, and that too at a far lesser price than you might have previously thought off. Till recently, big was considered the better. Sometimes, size mattered more than quality, as it became a fashion to exhibit larger works at massively done homes, offices and farm houses, where unlimited space was available to showcase such works. Nonetheless, the reversal of the market trend may prove good for both the collector and the artistes. For now on, the collector can collect a slew of smaller works of different artistes or of the same artists of his choice. Say, for example, a traditional Satish Gujral work (3X5) may cost Rs.25 lakh last year, however this year for the same money you could not only buy a Satish Gujral 1x 1painting, but you could also buy the works of other renowned artistes like, Thota Vaikuntam, Neeraj Goswami, Shuvaprasana, Amit Ambalal or Kishor Shinde. (A Suggestion: Since the market is less than buoyant, liquidating smaller works will be much easier as .pared to larger works. Even non-collectors might agree to buy small works as opposed to the large works.) Even young and lesser known artistes seem to gain from this new trend. Buyers are now looking forward to buy an array of collections, .prising a mix of known and lesser-known artists. But if you are looking for value, you should know where to check out Made-from-india.. – one of fastest growing and respected B2B portals from India, has suppliers who deal in a mlange of arts and crafts items, which are made available at the most affordable prices. So when the sales have slowed down, going small is the best way out. Padamsee to HA Gade, who were not much into small works earlier, are .ing up with the same in a big way. Consequently, even artists and galleries are .ing together, to make smaller works available in larger numbers in the market- be it canvas, sculpture or mixed media. Smaller sizes also help in easy shipment, which ensures quicker sales. Even the so-called pasha of scale, Anish Kapoor (who found a ready buyer for his 1 crore sculpture in India, even in these uncertain times) is taking up the small route. About the Author: has evolved itself as a trusty B2B. With a unequalled .bining of understanding of applicatory requirements of Indian exporters, Suppliers and manufacturers. Get best Import-Export trade intelligence information. Also large database for buyers from all over the world as one place Made-from-India.. as it is an International trade sources. It is solid platform as B2B portal of Indian industrial resources. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: